May 22 2013
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Timed 1v1 XD

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I had a rank match yesternight where it was me, and a good (Good) Cole, and two other guys. on Stowaways 1 of them ragequitted at the beginning, and the other ragequitted in 2x overtime. It was just me and Cole, and it was hilarious XD

We literally hit 4x overtime at least 9 times, he would stay on the right and I would stay on the left, both throwing crap at each other but barely any hits in. In the last one he messed up and I got a combo in that instantly gave me a level 2, used it and with 30 secs on clock, completely avoided him for the rest of the match. I felt really bad for sending him that GG message at the end, but he was not a bad Cole at all Smiley Happy

I now see why there isn't a rank 1v1 option, because it would just end up like that. Unless it was stock/kill limit, it just becomes lol.
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Re: Timed 1v1 XD

May 23, 2013

Same thing happened to me and a Toro on LBP stage. FFA ranked.

It went into 2x overtime I was doing my signature 'tornado dance' taunt and he was jumping around and what not. We didn't touch each other it was fun.
Goes into 3x overtime

I thought we were gonna do it again but then...toro gets really far away from me and starts doing his sleep move

at first I didn't mind it (I thought it was funny) cause I knew he couldn't hit me with his supers if I ran away

but then I thought about it... OH CRAP HE HAS A LEVEL 3 STAGE CLEAR!

toro gains 5 AP in about half a second in sleep mode soo...


5ap x 3xOvertime / .5sec. = 30ap per second!



Barley managed to stop him at 2 and a half bar with my evil coles level 2 before time ran out and i won

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