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Re: Time Travel

Aug 5, 2012

wolfmankid05 wrote:
Kratos: He traveled through time in GOW 2.
Sweet Tooth: Calypso can grant him a wish.
Radec: The Helghast use lots of different technology. surely they can make a time machine.
Sly Cooper: The Time Machine Van in Sly 4.
Fat Princess: Knows multiple wizards. Time Traveling Spell?
Parappa: His Dad is an inventor. He can invent a Time Machine.
Drake: Hunts for treasures with magical powers.
Big Daddy: Rapture is full of wild technology.
Hihachi: Not so sure about this one.
Toro: He can wish upon a shooting star, like in his games.
Cole: In the future he has a time-altering power.
Jak: Uses the rift rider machine.
Ratchet: He travels to the future.
Crash: He has a Warp room that travels into different time periods.
Sackboy: The pod has been to the prehistoric times, medieval times, and more. know...I'm not super sold on the idea that the time travel plot will be what PSASBR is about...but Heihachi has time traveled before. Way back in the day, in Soul Calibur 2, his entire plot in the game revolved around him accidentally going back in time to the SC era. It was because of the dark power of the cursed sword, Soul Edge, know....still. :-)

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