Oct 29 2012
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This char is so op you don't even know...

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Honestly, this has gone on in just about every fighting game, or technically any game with varied choices and abilities or even classes. Now see, I know that sometimes this is true, but just because you have not learned to counter something does not automatically make it op. I would have actually just stood aside and not bothered except for the point of fact that people keep making new threads about how op they are for just about every character in the beta.


and for those that will cry that they used the character and they did do too well with the character (...really? Just, really?), did it ever occur to you that maybe that character might actually be a good character for you? You know, how in a lot of fighting games there will be that one character that just somehow works for you better than the others?


So tell me, do we really need five hundred threads about how op every character is, or can we just try to move past it? If you absolutely cannot agree that some character might actually be balanced, then why don't you just comment in one of the threads that are already existing? Or are you worried that your magical post will accidentally blend in despite all it's glory and thus humanity will miss out on seeing your pure genious?



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