Dec 01 2012
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Things that should be fixed and added.

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First thing that should be added and i have come across alot of people that agree, is a 1v1 quick search for online with the ability to play barebones (no items or stage hazards). I would literally just sit in that play mode all day. Now i understand this is a party game, but playing 1v1 against someone shows your true skill with an actual character. Besides more characters,costumes and stages, that is the only thing that I personally would like added. Now as far as fixing goes I understand there is a patch comming soon, but i didnt see you guys address the invincible invisibility bug. Its a bug that happens when someone dies and respawns. They are able to hit and see everyone on the screen but the rest of the players cant hit them nor see them. I have been on both ends of this bug and its happend 3 or 4 times since release. Other than that awesome game and cant wait for DLC to come out. Anyone who wants to throw down on 1v1s NewmansSalsa is my PSN.

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