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Re: The more I think about it the more upset I get (cool story bro)

Feb 5, 2013

D-Squad3 wrote:

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MLcharted wrote:
Unfortunately yeah..they might just abandon the series despite the fact is great game, flawed,but great. It just did not sell well, let's hope the sales pick up with DLCs, that is it's last hope..

Well Kat and Emmett are free so they won't count, the only thing that could probably save it would be 3rd party DLC characters such as Cloud, Snake, Lightning and Sora but the chances of them being in this game just got slimmer.

Why would the chances of getting 3rd party characters be slimmer?? Assuming Sony does want to continue with DLC, which they said is in fact the plan, than Santa Monica is waaay more likely to get support in comparison to Superbot. Santa Monica has a proven track record of releasing phenomenal, polished products. Whereas Superbot put out one fun yet severely unpolished game. If I was Square Enix or Activision I would much rather have my precious characters in the charge of someone who actually knows what they are doing as opposed to a brand new studio. 

Well SuperBot had people who know how fighting games generally work, besides Seth Killian, who does SM have? Can they and will they continue to balance this game? I highly doubt it but I hope they prove me wrong.

Superbot had people that PLAY fighting games, not make them. Santa Monica has been working on God of War for almost their entire existence so I think they know how combat works more or less at this point. Hit stun, juggles, blocks, dodge rolls, grabs, all of them are part of the GoW system already plus they helped make PSASBR in the first place. One thing I know they can do right away is fix the netcode people want to work so desperately (GoW:A is supposedly lag free Smiley Very Happy). Maybe they can revamp the bland menus or fix the music. With their amazing track record of creating awesome set pieces im sure they can think up a stage or 2. They dont even have to touch the characters and they can improve the game by leaps and bounds. Have some faith, spouting how you think the game is gonna be abandoned isnt gonna do anything but get it abandonded. 


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