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Re: The Roster

Dec 30, 2012

On the topic about the roster size Brawl uses like 6 characters from the same franchise. The first smash had 12 characters. All Stars has 20 with at least two more on the way

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Re: The Roster

Dec 30, 2012

Well said TC


My only beef is that Crash and Spyro isn't in and this game is heavily lacking contents but the game is still fun. I 100% agreed with the dlc part.

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Re: The Roster

Dec 30, 2012

Why are there only 20 characters?! Super Smash Bros. has over 30!


-Brawl is the third entry in the Smash franchise. The characters brought over from the past games are established in look and basic moveset. They are "Copy, Paste, EDIT" and voila= you have a foundation of characters before you even make a new one.




Something interesting here.

Lets see on rosters shall we. If going by the one character per franchise rule.

All Stars:

-Kratos / God of War
-Ratchet & Clank / Ratchet & Clank
-Fat Princess / Fat Princess
-Sweet Tooth / Twisted Metal)
-Radac / Killzone
-Nariko / Heavenly Sword
-Dante / DmC Devil May Cry
-Jak & Daxter / Jak & Daxter
-Sir Daniel / MediEvil
-Heihachi / Tekken
-Big Daddy / BioShock
-Spike / Ape Escape
-Sly Cooper / Sly Cooper
-Good,Evil Cole / inFamous 2
-Toro / Toro
-Parappa / Parappa the Rapper
-Sackboy / LittleBigPlanet 2
-Raiden / Metal Gear Solid Rising
-Nathan Drake / Uncharted
- Kat (Gravity Rush)
-Emmet (Starhawk)

Total 21 - I count Cole as Cole and not two characters plus more will be added with DLC

Smash Brothers Brawl:
1. Diddy Kong (from Donkey Kong Country)
2. Pikachu (from Pokemon)
3. Meta Knight (from Kirby)
4. Pikmin & Olimar
5. Pit (from Kid Icarus)
6. R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy — from Gyromite & Stack-Up)
7. Solid Snake (from Metal Gear Solid)
8. Sonic the Hedgehog
13. Wario
9. Captain Falcon (from F-Zero),
10. Donkey Kong
11. Fox McCloud (from Star Fox)
12. Ice Climbers
13. Kirby
14. Link (from The Legend of Zelda)
15. Mario
16. Marth (from Fire Emblem)
17. Mr. Game & Watch (from classic Game & Watch games)
18. Ness (from EarthBound)
19. Samus Aran (and her Zero Suit Samus transformation after using Final Smash — from Metroid)

I count 19 but could have missed some. There won't be any DLC as far as I know.

Conclusion: All stars has the bigger roster that will continue to grow. But if you don't count DLC it's the same. For a first game in what I hope to be a series that's good stuff. If in a sequel they add two reps per franchise we could have a massive roster and the best part about it is each character feels unique and are not clones.

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