Dec 16 2012
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The Patch broke my game

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Alright, I havent played this in several days, in fact a week or two, because i recently got the wii u. (love it) but anyway, i wanted to play this, so i got on and updated it, because i deleted my update data on accident. Now, it gave me a black belt at -8000.  in all the games, whenever i get a level 2 or higher, it clears my super gauge. I can interrupt any super, including level 3s, as they hold still for two seconds and then the super starts. I am constantly jumping around, and when i used a monkey as spike, it stayed there. for the entire match.        Anyway, dont get me wrong, I love this game, but Im simply asking for ways to possibly fix this. I deleted the patch twice and redownloaded it with the same results. It works fine on my vita, and im happy about that, but any ideas?

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