Oct 24 2012
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The Official Nitpicking Thread!

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Ello' peeps.


So, ive wanted to make a thread about this for awhile, and i figured with the forum activity being pretty low, i guess now is the best time. Before i continue, do remember that i love this game soooo much, and cant wait to pick it up at midnight release Smiley Happy


The point of this thread is for people to voice their nitpicky and minor complaints about their favorite character. This is to be taken more as a joke than anything, nothing is perfect after all. So, get all those little things off your chest and speak your mind!


To start? ill be going with MY favorite character.




To start, his appearance. He just looks too..cartoony.. i dont like it. obviously they are not going to take the time to render out his GoW 3 style, but still, just give him a bit more detail.. he looks TOO cartoony. Also, look at his eyes! they gave him WAYY too much shadow detail, he always looks like hes wearing mascera to me, its honestly kinda funny. His goatee needs sharpening, it looks wayyy too round right now. thats now how its supposed to be D:<. I can appreciate the GoW 2 look, but at the same time if they wanted to include GoW 3 items, then they should have just made him his GoW 3 appearance. which leads me to my next complaint.. his moveset


I totally agree with trying to mix in all the games weaponry, however.. atleast get the goods ones!


GoW 1, he only had 1 extra weapon, the Blade of Artemis. THAT BLADE WAS EPIC! they could have ATLEAST made it his side triangle or something..


GoW 2, The barbarian hammer was a good choice for a ground pound, i can agree with this. Also like the inclusion of a GoW item as a weapon, although i find it odd that its the spear of destiny.. i would have made it blade of artemis if they really didnt want to put it in his moveset. Blades of Athena are what they decided to go with, which makes absolutly NO sense. this is why they should have went with GoW 3 look, because the Blade of Athena CANT combat grapple, which seems to be one of his most used moves if the Beta is anything to go off of. They have wings of Icarus to, although honestly its only real use is to avoid supers such as Radec's lvl 2 .I do like the God armour as his super, nice touch, although i would have liked to fight the whole match in it as his costume, but oh well. 


GoW 3. okay, i can understand no Hades claws, due to them being in a stage, and i guess the Nemean Cestus were a good inclusion. after all they were the most sponsered weapons for the game. they have head of helios, apollos bow included also. since they have Medusas head (althoughthey messed up. the item shown is EURAYLES head. NOT MEDUSA.), they didnt need to include the head move item into his move set. could have been used for something else.


CoO.Nothing.. no rep at all.. No Gauntlet, no shield of helios, just..NOTHING. come on SB..


GoS. They included the arms of sparta. okay, thats cool.. honestly never liked it and never used it, but sure. whateves. Its useful in PSAS i spose'.


My biggest pet peeve about his moveset? NO MAGIC. PERIOD. the ONLY reference to magic is his lvl 2 super (explained later). Magic was a big part of Gow.. and they didnt even bother to include it in his moveset. I feel his O should be used for magic, that way they would have a better mix of GoW.




Lvl1, a basic dash attack with the Blade of Olympus. okay, yeah lvl 1's are supposed to be simple, short ranged, and generally only get 1 kill, but with skill 2 or 3. Not much they could have really done with this, so ill elt it slide..


Lvl 2. my other biggest complaint. for anyone who hasnt played GoW at all, What he does in his game is stab the blade of olympus into the ground, and it summons a BLUE. not grey, BLUE threaded tornado around him. this is ONLY in GoW 3. and ONLY used during the first 30 minutes of the game. its really only a placeholder item until you get your first magic, then you NEVER USE IT AGAIN. its jsut gone, its barely considered magic. Superbot... i can deal with the whole vertical attack pattern it has, but why cant you use an actualy magic attack?


Poseidons wrath, boom. you have instant GoW 1 and 2 rep, and its jsut more iconical. the first magic you get in GoW 1, does the same thing as the tornado, only the "funnel" is at the bottom. Hell if you dont like that, there are plenty of other magics you could have used. ANYTHING but stupid tornado..


Lvl 3. pretty predictable, goes into his god form from the beggining of GoW 2. I would have loved to seen wrath of the titans or wrath of the gods, or hell wrath of sparta, they could have saved his GoW armour as an alternate, but what ever..


his grabs are pretty neat, inspired by in game grabs. his down grab uses the cestus, kinda would like something a bit different, but then again most of the ground throw grapples in GoW involve limbs being torn off.. a bit too Mature for this game x). I would have LOVE to seen the Minataur grapple that makes and apperance in 4 of the 5 games (i do like 3's trust me, but it wouldnt really work as a grapple for the other characters).



All these nit picks are relativly minor honestly, but that the point of the thread Smiley Happy i would have to say the biggest complaints are his Lvl 2, no real inclusion of magic, or Blade of Artemis.



your turn!






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Re: The Official Nitpicking Thread!

Oct 24, 2012

I have nothing against Drake. Smiley Happy

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Re: The Official Nitpicking Thread!

Oct 24, 2012

ok so i was just in a match and i was up against 3 people that were just going for me. i didnt even know 3v1 was possible. there was a kratos, sweet tooth and a radec. The real funny thing is that i came up ontop and they were on their mics talking and trying their hardest to beat me spamming attacks. i was using a sweet tooth aswell

ive seen them in a couple of other matches teaming up.


their names incase you come up against them




CJB  whitedemon40

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