Nov 23 2012
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The Menus

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What is everyone's opinions of the randomized menus?


Personally for the first few times it was neat, seeing a random character be the backdrop and theme, along with the remixed version of the anthem to fit that characters personality. But.. that "neat" has worn off, and id like to keep mine as Big Daddy or Kratos (neither of which i have gotten to see yet:\)


A neat idea SB, but i think they should offer a system to choose if you want just one character. you can keep the randomized option, but i feel like either lvl 999, 300, or hell 500 shoudl unlock the standalone theme for the menu. just my opinion, what about your's?

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Re: The Menus

Nov 23, 2012

frenchie666 wrote:

kudos, superbot should do that. but than again superbot doesnt think......

perhaps, but maybe they were just so..well overwhelmed? i mean i want to think that they were well aware of these issues, but simply didnt have the time to do it. Once you hit 300, there is literally no reason to rank anymore other than perhaps bragging right. They could have easily fit in a few unlockables throughout the 100's

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