Feb 04 2013
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The Last of Us and DmCStage

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I'm new in these forums but I've been playing PSABR since it's realease date. I'm looking forward to the Last of Us and I feel that this game should definetely be represented in PSABR, however, I don't think it should be represented as a character(s) like Joel, it should be represented as a stage. I feel that if Joel made it in as DLC, his playstyle would be almost, if not the same as Drake's. Just imagine playing in a post-apocalyptic Boston and then you are dragged into Limbo, and the Stage turns into something more plataform-ish and the words "die" and "trap him" or something like that appear in the buildings. The stage Hazards could be the runners and clickers from the Last of Us and then the Demon-Hunter from Devil may Cry starts fighting you and the infected humans.

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Re: The Last of Us and DmCStage

Feb 4, 2013

i actually really like the idea of last of us as a stage instead of a character.  It'd be breathtaking

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