Dec 20 2012
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The FatDude67 thread

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I like this game, but it could have been better

I think more characters should of got in, and some characters dont belong here

the items arent groundbreaking, and so many fan made ones are much better

levels are decent, but lose there pizzaz after a couple play throughs

more levels from games that werent even mentioned would have ben cool

more third party characters is not a bad thing

more al stars from games that dont suck are also goog

a character should have atleast a sequel to have been in this game

Every game has its spammers, but Radec is only spam.

i have yet to meet a radec that was good and didnt spam his across the map gun

nerfs and buffs dont exsist to me. i play what theve made and make sure i do my best

hate signatures

Radien over snake? you serious?

Im not a crash band wagoner, but how is he not in this? without him PS1 wouldnt not have beat nintendo

the menus are bland

the change of menus is also bland

the story was ok, but lazy

the boss fight was extremely lacking

more costumes, please

more fighters in upcoming DLC

Sackboy mode wouldnt hurt

im a fan of a wholesome conversation

i love creative ideas

Big music game fan

I use Jak, Sly and sweet tooth exclusively, in that order

i love the offensive, and use it as a defense

level 1 supers are your freinds


bad speller

Free to fight

never rage quit

say what i want

dont care much

im bored

thats all you need to know

about me

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Re: The FatDude67 thread

Dec 20, 2012

Your formatting intrigues me and i wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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