Jan 24 2013
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Thanks SB

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Since the game launched, ive had this annoying glitch where in any menu it would skip sometimes. Hard to explain, bu say I was on jak, and I pressed right to go to BD, sometimes it would completely skip the character. Happens when Im selecting characters, skipping costume selection. Heck it even happens when im trying to pause the game... 

But After the patch, its gone. So thanks Superbot, not sure what u did but it worked.

December 11th 2012: Went 12-0 ranked FFA. (Jak)
December 13th 2012: Went 8-0 Stock Unranked FFA. (Jak)
January 10th 2013: Sniped Asis_aka_talent into Jak's lvl 1. (Uncle Radec)
April 16th 2013: Caught parappa's lvl 2 with Sweet Tooth's lvl 1 and didn't die in the process (Sweet Tooth)
May 5th 2013: Got my Radec eviscerated by whaatxddd's radec in 1v1. Kmart, u better watch out.
Just learnt "Drake" and is now learning "Nariko".
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