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Status: Re-construction


Yu and Izanagi 2Keep Calm 4

All his moves that are only listed with names can be seen here.


List of Supposrters:




























Shadowmark123 (Starting to show support! lol)


If you want your name removed just tell me.



Play Style: Combo heavy character with RPG characteristics.


Yu would have a simultaneous attack style with his Personas. This would mean the the character would use their square atatcks to do the combo attacks while the Persona/Triangle attacks agument the combo to make it better.


His Persona switch is similar to Toro's stance change and will function in a similar way.


Examples of an RPG characteristic: One idea i've heard for an RPG character would be for he/she/it to get stronger everytime you get a kill with the character. However, if your killed by an opponent the strength will be reset and you'll have to build up your characters strength again.


All the circle button moves could require Yu to stand still for a short time. This would be similar to how he has to wait his turn in an RPG battle.


P4A Characteristic: The Personas can each take up to three hits. Once they take these three hits they will be taken down for a few seconds. However, when one is down you cna call out one of the other remaining two to take it's place in the fight.


AP Burst: TBA

Combo Example: VT + S, T + ^S, Air C (With Izanagi selected)



S = Square
T = Triangle
C = Circle

S = Narukami Storm - Punch, side kick, slashes katana

S > = Spinning Blade - spins on his heel and slashes his sword

S V = Sweeping Blade - Does his sweep move from P4 Arena (He slashes his katana at his opponent's feet)

S ^ = Big Gamble - He slashes the blade up while jumping up into the air


Air S = Yu slashes his katana three times.

Air S > = Yu spins in the air and slashes at an opponent while spinning

Air S V = Slashes his katana down
Air S ^ = Same

T = Zio/Bufula/Agilao - Izanagi appears and toss a Lightning ball / King Frost appears and tosses an ice ball / Pyro Jack shoots out a fire ball from it's lantern.

T > = Raging Lion/Hysterical Slap/Sonic Punch - Izanagi appears and stabs an opponent
. This puts the opponent in a crumple state / King Frost slaps an opponent three times causing them to flinch / Pyro jack's sonic punch works similar to Spikes forward circle.
T V = Izanagi's Wrath!/Frost Royalty!/Maragion! - Izanagi slashes an opponent multiple times and causes them to flinch. (This is a combo starter) / King Frost's hand grows large and slaps an opponent away / Pyro Jack sets the ground below him on fire and anyone who stands on it loses AP

T ^ = Rakukaja/Enervation/Tarunda - Temporary super armor / Slows down one opponent for a short period of time / Temporarily lowers an opponent's AP gain (all of these cost a small amount of AP to use and they are all physical contact moves)


Air T = Same

Air T > = Izanagi stabs an opponent and launches them back / King Frost's move is the same / Pyro Jack's is the same

Air T V = Izanagi appears and slams his weapon down / King Frost fires a bufula downward / Pyro Jack's move is the same

Air T ^ = Same

C = Mind Charge! - Lucifer appears in the background and generates a small amount AP. This will have a cool down time of 20 seconds and will require Yu to stand still for two seconds in order for it to actually activate.
C > = Izanagi - Izanagi appears and slashes at an opponent
C V = Pyro Jack - Pyro Jack swoops down and deals a powerful uppercut
C ^ = King Frost - King Frost will appear and smacks an opponent with his staff.


Air C = Lucy's Wrath - Lucifer appears and clenches it's fist; this will cause an explosion to appear infront of Yu. (If it hits an opponent on the ground it will cause them to be put in a crumple state)

Air C > = Same

Air C V = Pyro Jack slams his lantern down on an opponent's head

Air C ^ = Same



Up = Jack Frost will appear, grab a near by opponent, toss them into the air and hit them with a large icicle.

Forward = Yu grabs an opponent and deals a powerful punch that knocks the opponent back before Izanagi smashes the opponent in the face with the hilt of it's blade to send them flying.

Down = Izanagi grabs an enemy, pins them to the ground, and electricutes them.


Level 1: All-Out attack

Level 2: Ziodyne

Level 3: Izanagi-No-Okami/Myriad Truths

The level 3 has the name it does because of the fact that this level 3 will give you two choices. You can play as the persona itself (and get more kills) or you can just nuke all the players and get three kills. (The nuke is a cinematic so it's a one use attack) This makes it a mini version of Emmet's level 3.

Level 3 theme (Reach Out to The Truth - Persona 4 Golden remix)


Victory theme 1 (0:00 - 0:05)


Victory theme 2 (0:16 - 0:22)


Works in Progress:(Credit to CyborgHippo who is making the Wild Card ability moveset)

Yu's wild card abilities. He will use Pyro Jack, Izanagi, and King Frost.


Yu Moveset prototype


Credit to CyborgHippo for some of the move names.



When Selected:

It's only natural.


1. An arcana card slowly spinning and Yu crushes it in his hand saying Per.... So....Na!

2. A pack of stacked tv's appears and Yu jumps out of them *insert cool intro word* lol

3. Yu's Phone starts ringing "Pipipipi" "hello?" or "Dojima san" or "hey guys"

Extra: Yu puts on his glasses while Izanagi is behind him and says "Are you ready Izanagi?"

Using supers:

Let's end this... (Level 1)


Thousand die while a million are born. (Level 3)

Getting a kill:
I might not be able to win next time if he/she analyzes my movements...

Looks like I won this time…

I can't stop now.

Behold, the truth!

Getting killed:

*Insert generic death cry here*

Picking up an item:

This could be useful.

Was this sent from the velvet room?


Your strong....

I wont back down!

I can't lose here!


Let's go, Izanagi!



YOU DID IT SENSEI! (Teddie in the new victory pose i added)



Victory poses/Outros:

Victory in the Mayonaka Arena - Yu stabs his katana into the ground and crosses his arms while Izanagi is behind him.


YOU DID IT SENSEI! - Yu stabs his katana in the ground and sighs in relief as Teddie jumps around behind him cheering.


A True Victory - Yu holds out his hands with arcana cards floating around above his hands. Izanagi-no-Okami is also behind Yu. (They're standing back to back)



Victory in the Mayonaka Arena - Yu is on one knee and he is holding the hilt of his katana as it's stabbed into the ground. He is also panting heavily and looking down at the ground.


YOU DID IT SENSEI! - Yu is laying on his back panting and his katana is laying on the ground next to him as Teddie stands over him looking sad.


A True Victory - Yu is laying face down on the ground, seemingly dead, with his shadow standing over him laughing.


Victory/Losing Stat Screen:


Victory: Yu is smiling while Izanagi floats behind him.


Losing: Yu has his arms crossed and he is looking down and shaking his head.




1. Yu holds out his hand and a arcana card spins around above it before he crushes it.


2. Yu does Junpei's (Persona 3) victory pose. (just another shout out to P3)


3. Yu spins his katana in his hand and then does his original battle pose from the JRPGs. He will then go back to his normal stance. (THE P4 Arena stance)


Alternate costume: Yu Narukami wears Izanagi's coat and a black shirt.


DLC Costume: The Persona 3 protagonist

Easter Egg #1: Magatsu-Izanagi is a color swap for Izanagi in one of Yu's alt color palettes. (Magatsu-Izanagi is the persona of a major character in Persona 4/Golden)


Easter Egg #2: While wearing the Persona 3 Protagonist costume, Izanagi is turned into Orpheus. However, Orpheus will still have Izanagi's blade instead of his harp.

Minion: Nanako


Nanako minion


Potential DLC Minions: Chie, Teddie, Rise, and Naoto




Trophies: Reach out to the truth. (Level 3) Welcome to the velvet room. (Arcade)


Story Intro:

The story starts with Yu staring at the TV in Junes. He is talking about how the midnight channel returned and how he's been hearing rumors of a strange energy (AP) radiating from the TV whenever the Midnight channel is on. So he desides to journey into the midnight channel and stop the people who brought it back. He also states that he will take down anyone who tries to stop him.


Rival example #2:

Yu is walking into the rival arena and is gathering his thoughts. "Those were a lot of strange people back there. Could they have been thrown into the TV like the victims from incident two months ago?" Yu then senses someone approaching him from behind. He turns around and faces the newcomer. "And who are you exatly? Were you sent by Sandora?" Dart glares at Yu as he prepares to draw his sword. Yu notices this and responds with "I don't know what this Sandora is, but i will take you down if i have to!" Yu draws his katana and Izanagi appears behind him ready for combat.


Rival example #2:

Yu walks onto the rival stage and looks around. "What is this place?" Yu then puts a hand on one of the crystal like pentagon things. "I can tell theres a lot fo energy here. Could this place be the cause of the strange aura?" Suddenly Yu heres an arguement going on and looks over at the other side of the stage. "I told you we were on the right path! But you were being a bad slave and didn't listen!" Yu sees a small boy walk on to the stage and behind him was a large shadow creature yelling at him. "A shadow?!" Yu cried out in surprise. This caught the attention of Ari & Stan who both stare at him weirdly. "Who is this freak?" Stan asks before he notices Izanagi's large blade pointed at his face. Ari jumps back in surprise and pulls out a sword. Yu Then realizes why the shadow wouldn't leave Ari alone. "So, your attached to this kid's actual shadow? Fine then. I'll take you down and turn this kid's shadow back to normal!" Stan grunts and says. "Bring it on anime boy! I'll subjugate you so hard!"



Yu was launched out of the TV in Junes; he gets up and dusts himself off. He then sighs in relief when he notices that no one is around to see him. "That was a strange event. But it's over now." Yu then lstarts to walk out of Junes. "There was a lot of strange people there. And whats even stranger was that none of them were persona users." Yu then starts to glow with Polygon Man's power "It doesn't matter now though. I need to go meet up with the guys."

Possible Rivals:

1. Dart Feld (Legend of Dragoon)

RPG hero from a modern day setting faces off against the RPG hero from a medieval setting.


Dart's moveset -

2. Ari & Stan (Okage The Shadow King)

Stan is a shadow. Yu Narukami thinks he's an enemy.


3. Oliver (Ni No Kuni)

Oliver is a fellow JRPG character, magic user, his familiars can take on Izanagi, and both RPGs seem to appeal to people who don't like RPGs. (From what i've seen) Another reason is because both Yu and Oliver went on long journeys to save the ones they loved.


4. Noob Saibot (Mortal Kombat)

Noob manipulates shadows and uses his own shadow as a weapon against people. Yu would see him as a new enemy created by the midnight channel.


5. The King of All Cosmos (Katamari)

The King sees Izanagi and thinks it's the real japanese god. He then learns it's not the actual god and is angered because he thinks Yu fooled him.


6. Amaterasu (Okami)

Battle of japanese deities.


7. Sora

-They both fight evil things born from people's hearts
-They both hold a special power
-They both treasure their friends


8. Ellen (Folklore)

Folklore's Ellen or Keats against Persona 4's Yu Narukami. From both series, the protagonists go to an alternate dimension to fight monsters. They can also control and summon them to battle. Finally, both of their adventures begin with a mysteious death case which they need to investigate.


9. Gex (Gex series)

Gex travels to the TV world to fight evil.


10. Etna (Disgaea)
Simply put, NIS and ATLUS are essentially best friends and this rivalry would just be referencing that.

11. Norman Jayden (Heavy Rain)
Will add reasons latter.


P4 logo

Yukiko Amagi
Yu and Izanagi
Yu Narukami
Rise Kujikawa
Chie Satonaka
Naoto Shirogane
Yosuke Hanamura


Kanji Tatsumi
Izanagi-no-Okami (Rank 200 icon)



Multiple colored lines

Murder Scene


Midnight Channel portal

Half of Yu's face (Rank 300 background. It's similar to Toro's rank 300.)


Icons and Backgrounds




Main Menu background:

It will show Yu but the background behind him will be gold and there will be TV static as the effect.


Gargoyle taunt on the graveyard:

"You've been watching too much tevelvision young man"


Heihachi's Level 3:
Yu's arms are chanined to the rocket and Izanagi is desperately trying to slash the chains off.







Stage Idea 1:

Name: Hekseville

Mash up: Gravity Rush X Persona 4

Music: Bloody Claws X The Almighty

Bio: The stage will start out on the roof tops of the city and will be made up of three buildings, During the battle you will see Raven and Yunica flying by in the background. After a while, a lot of golden fog starts to appear on the stage (Refference to the fog inside the midnight channel) and a large dark ball will appear right behind the buildings. This ball will open it's eye and reveal itself to be the beat Amino-Sagiri. Raven and Yunica will start off the mash up by attempting to defeat the monster but are only met with defeat when he blasts them out of the air and his shadows appear and over power them and knock them off the buildings. After that, Ameno-Sagiri will simply send his shadows in to mess with the player as he watches them fight. This will go on until Raven, Yunica, and Gade appear and defeat the monster by attacking it from behind.


Stage Idea 2:

Name: Seles

Mash up: Legend of Dragoon X Persona 4

Music: Battle 1 X Reach Out to The Truth

Bio: The stage will start out inside the town of Seles. The town is in flames (Refferencing the begining of the game after it was attacked and destroyed) and you can see the Feyrbrand walking around in the distance. (Refferencing the part where it chaced Dart) After a while yellow fog starts to fill the area and the ground in the background explodes. Suddenly Shadow Teddie climbs out of the crater and starts slashing at opponents. After a while the Feyrbrand appears and tries to fight off Shadow Teddie only for the two to kill each other.


Stage Idea 3:

Credit to CyborgHippo

Name: Heaven

Mash up: Persona 4 X Ni No Kuni

Music: The Almighty X Boss Theme

Bio: Heaven could obviously have the peaceful beautiful environment gameplay and we could add some easter eggs like Yosuke in the background running away from shadows and the hazard would be Nametame (forgot his shadow name) in the background obviously attacking and he can mind control you for a couple seconds and slaps all characters with his hand similar to Hades smash,hits the whole floor,and it can be a combination of probably Heaven + Ni No Kuni (dragon flying up from the clouds in such) and all of sudden the map turning dark and you see Shadar in the background using the Eye of the Storm and you have to avoid the lightning and throughout the game he continuously harasses you.


Stage Idea 4:

Name: Tartarus

Mash up: Persona 3 X Demon's Souls

Music: Battle of Hymn Soul X Theme of Maiden Astraea

Bio: The location is in a random room inside the Tartarus. During the battle you will see shadows wandering around in the background and not really caring about the players. After a while, a dragon from Demon's Souls appears on the floor and this causes the shadows to go crazy and attack the players and the dragon. Of course the Dragone easily dispatches all of shadows before the SEES team appears and fights it. The Dragon will take down all of the SEES members and after words he will deal one more blast of fire at the players. Suddenly Elizabeth will appear and will casually destroy the dragon by having her persona, Thanatos, slash it once.


Stage Idea 5:

Name: The Classroom

Mash up: Persona 4 X Katamari Forever

Music: Pursuing my True Self X Katamari on The Wings

Bio: The stage starts off inside the classroom from Persona 4. There will be a bunch of students from the school in the background cheering. After some time the roof will be torn off by a large robotic hand. The Robo King will starts to appologize repeatedly until he picks up the class room in his hand and then lets the players fight ontop of his hand. (There will be an entire transition of them getting pulled into space while fighting on his hand) Occasionally the Robo King will go a little crazy and shoot a laser at the stage. (Works like the Parappa stage but the hazards aren't stopped) The students are also replaced with the Katamari cousins who are sitting on Robo King's shoulder watching the fight.


Stage Idea 6:

Name: Lilith's Club

Mash up: DmC X Persona 4

Music: Lilith's Club X I'll Face Myself

Bio: The battle starts off on the platform with the "PLAY" button that Dante had to hit in DmC to start up everything. You can see Lilith's disco ball floating the background taunting you. After a while you'll see her screem and the disco ball is destroyed. Suddenly Shadow Rise appears and starts attacking players, and summoning shadows to attack players, during the battle. Shadow Rise will eventually be knocked out by demons that over ran her shadows.


Stage Idea 6:

Name: TBA (Can't think of a name)

Mash up: Heavy Rain X Persona 4

Music: Heavy Rain Main Theme X The Poem For Everyone's Soul

Bio: The stage will start out on an empty street infront of Ethan's house. (After Jason's death) It will be raining and you can see an origami on the sidewalk in the background. The stage will then fill with yellow-ish fog and transition infront of infamous Heavy Rain Mall. During the battle, a car will drive by and hit players. The transitioning will work similar to The Graveyard stage. However, unlike the Graveyard, you can't farm AP. There will be a stage hazard. (The car that hit Jason)



Reasons for Inclusion:

1. Persona is a Playstation exclusive series for the most part.
2. Persona 4 Golden saved the Vita before the price drop.
3. Persona 4 Arena is coming out soon in Europe and Yu can be added to advertise that.

4. His inclusion would help raise interest for this game in Japan.



Random Fan Art:



Yu Fanart
PSASBR Overtime Yu
Epic Yu






Persona Item:

Folded Chair - Works like Super Smash Bros Hammer and repeatedly smashes Hammer against the ground and knocks back the opponent with every hit,giving 50 AP an hit. You can not double jump with it,therefore the high AP gain a hit. The character will yell "Get Bent!" while using the hammer with Kanji (Persona 4) theme song playing in the background.

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Labrys moveset

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CyborgHippo's moveset








Yu's close up

Epic2P4 epic

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