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Re: SuperBot you have a couple of problems.

Sep 11, 2012

BlueDiamond93 wrote:

achus93again wrote:

i thought it was pretty obvious that the character design is a mash up in it self of all the games that the characters themselves had appeared in...


Yes thats true thats why I understand WHY JAK HAS HALF OF HIS VICTORY POSE FROM GAINING A POWERCELL IN JAK 1 AND THEN PERFORMING AN UPPERCUT WHICH IS A COMBINATION AND IS BOOSTED FROM THE BLUE ECO PAD. I understand all of his Jak 1 and jak 2 traits. The oly ones that dont add up is him launching a dark bomb with his palm and why he has dark horns.


Ppl just dont understand like I said.

which is why i try not to comment and take part in this war,

i've only ever played the first one...

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Re: SuperBot you have a couple of problems.

Sep 11, 2012

This proves I understand and other ppl dont.


In Jak 1 TPl theres this Blue eco pad that jak jumps on to get a higher jump boost. Now Jak has always had anuppercut move as well. So in this Sb game they decided to take away the large jump and instead make up perform an more high and powerful upercut which works perfectly. Now in Jak 1 he had this victory pose for collecting a power cell. They added that with his 1st special which also fits in perfectly.


Its hard to explain this but you wont understand unless you played all 3games. Everything I said above is explainable but not the 2 dark jak aspects...

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Re: SuperBot you have a couple of problems.

Sep 11, 2012

Thread has run it's course. Locked! Smiley Happy



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