Nov 08 2012
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SuperBot: "How these characters come together"

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So the biggest question on my mind has been "How have these characters been brought together? They all exist in the same Universe?"


SuperBot recently said that they don't want a heavy story. The idea of PSASBR is that all of these characters exist in your PS3. They all live there waiting to be picked up again and Battle Royale is the game that puts them all together. Thats what makes Polygon Man (who is the official boss) the best choice for a boss. He doesn't hail from a specific title but instead symbolizes the very definition that Sony tried to get across with all of their consoles....Power


I personally think this is the best way for Superbot to write the story. Its simple. It makes sense. And it works. 


What about you guys?

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Re: SuperBot: "How these characters come together"

Nov 8, 2012
i like the idea, although its no canon,
for the characters to live in a world where they acknowledge each other...
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