Sep 22 2012
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Super Discussion Thread

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Here's a thread for discussing supers already in0game (Such as balance reasons, thematic purposes, etc.). Feel free to give feedback to others. I'll start it off.

Alright, from what I can see Sir Dan has pretty unique supers. So here is a place to discuss them. From the gameplay I've seen:

Level 1: Way too weak. It seems like it was almost designed to miss to me. Look at Fat Princess', Nariko's, or Dante's level 1s. Then look at Sir Dan's. It lasts a LOT shorter than most things (It literally just flashes in and out), and it is aimed up. It has an extremely short range, hitting just in front of Sir Dan for about the width of a single character. I think that it should either have a slightly increased range and amount of time it lasts, or it should be made to where the lightning arcs down to the floor (Like in MediEvil), with another thing just behind him coming out as well. Or it could "arc" between characters, meaning that if it hits a player, it goes ahead again at the same angle. Hard to use, but infinitely more useful than it currently is.

Level 2: I think that this is pretty cool (Even if it might not be the most accurate representation of an item in-game), but it still pales in comparison to the likes of Ratchet and Raiden, mainly because it is designed to get UP to 3 kills (How I think Level 2s should be). I think that if there is ever an 'aerial' character added (Such as Spyro or Kat), then this'd be much more useful. I especially like how if the floating orbs miss, then they act as a sticky grenade, flickering and then exploding a short distance. I wouldn't mind them acting like that even if they do hit a character (Delaying the explosion). Not very competitive, but seems like a lot of fun to use.

Level 3: I haven't seen much of this, probably because Dan's Level 2 seems to be more accessible. But from what I've seen, it looks pretty powerful. Luckily Sir Dan isn't so slow that he can't stay behind a player long enough to kill them. The fact that it can potentially target all of the three other players at once seems really useful.
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