May 22 2013
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Suggestions for next patch (Glitches, new extras etc)

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Just making this thread so i can throw out my suggestions for things that should be fixed and added in All-Stars in my opinion.



Fix the level up glitch

Random character in-game glitch


Kill confirms:

Change Dante's combo kill confirm (Change falling to ground to fallen on the ground)

Kat's Gravity attract kill confirm

Ratchet's throw confirm

Raiden's one hit level 1 combo.



Kratos (After 3 nerfs and he's still an OP character)

Zeus's lightning.


Extras added: 

Theater Mode 

Music Mode

Character viewer


So these are the things i hope are fixed in the next patch what do you guys want to see fixed?


PS All-Stars Battle Royale Mains: Sly,Jak,Ratchet,PaRappa,Kat,Good Cole,Raiden.
Kingdom Hearts FTW!
Moveset ideas:Ty the Tasmanian Tiger-
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