Jan 14 2013
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Strange Online Glitch Encounters

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Heya everyone, FS7 here. It's been a lil while since I posted here. I got kinda busy with work and life, so I haven't

been able to post for awhile. But I'm here to post something new. I'm still a little busy, so I'm gonna keep a short

post here.


So I've been playing a fair amount online to try to get black belt on both FFA and 2v2, and during my time playing, I've

encontered a few odd things that have happened in matches.


One thing I've come across is that when a character dies from a super, they stay frozen in place and still glowing blue.

You can beat their frozen body and even kill them with a super. If left alone, the player is still moving and fighting, but can't

be seen, at least I can't. I've even been hit or killed by an invisible opponent, which must be that frozen player. Pretty strange

glitch there.


There was also a glitch with Parappa which when his lvl 2 activates, he starts off without his skateboard. The lvl 2 is still active

and you can move around, follow by the blue glow, but you cannot kill with it. It is a wasted super. It's only happened twice, but

both times I was unhappy D:


Another glitch that occurred is when characters use a super, but don't make any sound. I've had it where a character like Sly or Raiden don't say "GLAD I CAN HELP" or "YOU'RE MINE". It just happens silently...


So there you have it. A few glitches I've encountered while playing TF. Sorry if these glitches have been brought up already, along with a post like this. Let me know if any of you have seen glitches like these before, and if you've seen other issues, type it down in the comments section!


Thanks for reading and happy fighting! (lol)

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