Aug 29 2012
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I will tell you, stop bashing this game, I mean, I know some of you guys are mad because they put raiden instead over Snake

I mean raiden is a really good character for a fighting game, Snake will just be another character with guns..., I mean, i love Snake, but i agree raiden is more suitable for a fighting game.


Also stop insulting this game because its advertisement for future games, most crossovers are partly made for advertisements,

I mean its a bussines, the half of the cast are not having a future game ( Nathan drake, Cole / Evil Cole, Spike, Sackboy, Jak and Daxter, Toro, Sweet tooth, Parrapa the Rapper, Coronel Radec, and Fat PRincess )


So please, stop bashing the game, you most be thanking Sony and Superbot, by making this game, thats what fans wanted, and here it is, so please enjoy the game...

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Re: Stop...

Aug 29, 2012

Sackboy's getting LBP Karting and Vita and there's rumors about Naughty Dog already working on Uncharted 4.



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