Jul 20 2012
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Standard Competitive Set-up?

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I've been wondering for a while now what the standard match settings will be for tournaments or any sort of other competitive play.  The scoring system in All Stars is much different than the simple health-based KO system seen in most other fighters.  Due to this is it possible that the standard settings won't be like those in most other fighters?  I myself believe that the game won't run off of standard stock matches with all items and hazards turned off.  I'm going to discuss the basic settings (Amount of players, stock/time, items and stage hazards) and tell how I think they'll be set-up for competitive play.  Then I'd like to hear you opinions on what they will be.


Amount of Players:


As you all know All Stars doesn't run off the standard health-based KO system.  The only way to gain any kills or points is to build up one's Super Meter and decide on what level of Super you will save up to.  This in turns allows the player to kill an opponent and gain two points (if the match is timed).  When one is killed though they lose a point (in time matches).  I think due to this system playing in Offs in a competitive scene can be possible.  Most fighting games only use 1v1 matches for tournaments and such.  I believe All Stars though can use FAA matches and still have fair competitive matches.  I doubt all tournaments will run off FAA settings, however it is a possible option to spice things up from the normal 1v1 formula we've known for years.

Stock/Time Limit:


I believe this is the most obvious setting as to which way it will go.  In a 1v1 timed match whoever gets the first kill will most likely turtle for the rest of the match and just let the time run out.  This will make games boring quite fast, so Stock is the obvious way to go in 1v1 matches.  I'm not sure about the amount though.  Brawl ran off of three stock matches.  However some characters have Supers at level 2 even that can score more than one kill in a 1v1, thus I believe three stock isn't enough in a match.  To me five seems like a much more solid number and still gives the player who died twice to a single super a fighting chance.  


If 1v1 matches aren't the default way to go though I believe timed matches would work best in Offs.  That way everyone has a fighting chance until the end and no one just gets ganged up on and knocked out.  Right now USB has been using three minute matches for all their games.  I believe that should be bumped up to four or five for competitive play if FAA is the way the game goes.  It gives players a little bit more time to recover and catch up if they fall behind.




Most may think that items will for sure be turned off in all forms of tournament level play.  However I believe some will be left on due to how the Super system works with AP.  In matches the only way to actually make an opponent lose AP is to throw them.  Now I don't know how easy it is to successfully land a grab nor if they can be comboed into, but right now it seems to be a limited system.  If throws turn out to not be very effective in removing AP from an opponent I believe some items that remove AP should be left on.  The Spear of Destiny (not sure if the name is right) from GoW is one that could possibly be used.  It limits one's moveset to what seems to just be two moves that don't have that much range.  However it makes it possible to get rid of a good amount of AP from an opponent.  It is a risk/reward thing that can save someone who is down by a lot.  




Like items I believe Hazards may be left on in order to give the person who is way behind in AP a fighting chance.  To my knowledge when hit by a hazard one loses some AP.  A good player can use these to purposely throw an opponent into so they can drain the opponent's Super Meter.  At the same time it requires players to use the stage a lot more and not just try to turtle it out in one area.  They need to focus on more than just their opponent.  



So what do you guys think about these areas?  How will all these settings be tweaked for tournament play?  A lot of what I said depends on how well balanced the core fighting system is.  If it is well balanced so that it is easy to control your opponent's AP then there will be no need to add items/hazards to assist in that.  I'm just wondering what you guys think the standard settings will be for All Stars in tournaments and such.

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