Sep 15 2012
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Stage Music Idea

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since a lot of ppl have been complaining and this is very easy to fix, here is the thing. In my opinion songs in stages should be very loud.


Hades/Patapon stage First song played Second song played 


Metropolis  First song played to represent Ratchet n Clank pretty logical with Hydra theme for GOW


Jak with the Golf stage first song for jak series


I'm really don't know anything for this one, hot shots gold one so i'm going to put this one. I personally prefer they add Jak n Daxter theme and remove the hot shots gold at all lol


Parappa/ Killzone (Dojo) of course with no lyric, first song for parappa  amazing second song for Killzone.


Ape Escape/ Resistance Specter theme songs for first song For Resistance


Stoaway if this stage has this theme haven't heard of it, the volume is too low, again this what i'm telling this, i sometimes can't hear the theme at all.


Aldens tower


inFamous first songs


slycooper second song


Little big planet/ Buzz for first one


don't care for buzz, so LBP sountrack should keep playing


Now for unconfirmed stages:


bioshock infinite:


locoro: hope is not this


sly cooper paris:


In my opinion, this shouldn't happen, i think this game should be like Brawl in the matter that Superbot add at least 10 great soundtracks to you to choose to be mostly played at a stage. For example, 50% Kratos theme 25% hydra theme, 20% gow2 theme, 5% gow 3 theme.


I think the songs should be louder, and more accelerant that gets you pumped. TY for everything.



















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Re: Stage Music Idea

Sep 15, 2012
Oh and if you have better soundtracks post them, thanks.
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