Sep 20 2012
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Stage Ideas and speculation

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Well with the recently debunked Franzea/SoTC stage picture, I was beginning to wonder where SoTC would fit into a stage. There are three more unrevealed stages (Black Rock, Columbia, Invasion). Im guessing you wont see a Colossus in Columbia, so that leaves Black Rock and Invasion. That begs the question... what will that last mash ups be? So far they have been awesome, but they follow no patterns. We also still lack a Heavenly Sword, Medievil, or Fat Princess stage.

What do you all think? What will be the last 3 mash-ups? Im trying to think weird here so im saying Invasion/ Medievil,  Columbia/ Final Fantasy, Black Rock/ SOTC.

why? I have no clue, but superbot loves to throw curvballs at us. Im hoping there are a few unleaked stages left as well.

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