Dec 27 2012
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Stage Idea: PsychoMantis X Heavy Rain stage

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The stage starts in the Metal Gear Solid 1 room where you fight Psychomantis. As the fight goes on you will see Psychomantis appear in the background. The music of Psychomantis (Psychomantis hymn Metal Gear Solid 4 version) comes in the background: . Then Psychomantis starts levitating object and throwing them on the stage. The stage will warn you as most of the other stages like Hades where the objects will fall. So you have idea where to move to prevent the objects from hitting you. Then Psychomantis dissapears for a while... as the match goes. He appears back and then you see Meryl walk like zombie as she is being controlled by psychomantis and starts shooting around randomly and hitting some players. Dart Feld passes and hits Psychomantis mid air and flies away with him, and Meryl gains control back. Ethan Mars is walking in the room confused looking for Jason, opening the desk looking for things thinking its Scott Shelby's office. While all this Meryl is confused and hides in the background at the otherside. Psychomantis comes back all beat up, but indicating he defeated Dart Feld and controls Ethan Mars...

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