Mar 06 2013
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Stage Idea #2: Hecatonchires

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Hello all! I have another idea that for sure will be rejected immediately because it involve God of War. But before you type those two letters in the reply box, this stage idea is meant for PSASBR 2, but can also apply to PSASBR 1. I came up with this idea from the recent god of war ascension demo. So here goes.


Stage Name: Hecatonchires

Mash-up: God of War/ Fat Princess

Hazards: Hecatonchires Monster/ Bug Monster, catapults, Magaera's Parasites, Falling buildings


god of warBug monster





tower 2





What Happens:

The match begins at where Kratos fought the Bug monster at the end of the recent demo(with the pole in the background). It starts with a sort of Hades-esque stage beginning, with the Bug Monster rising from behind the stage and roaring at the players. It uses its attacks from the original fight and will take AP from you if you get hit. The Bug Monster will occasionally spit out the Parasite bug creatures and killing them will release AP for the players. This continues until all of a sudden, the supports for the buildings on both sides of the stage will fall and being under them will result in being stunned( like falling behind in Alden's tower). The ground will turn into cartoony grass and paths and a tower from Fat Princess will appear in the middle, while a Red tower appears on the left and a blue tower appears on the right(on the roofs of the collapsed buildings) The soldiers in Fat Princess will then barge out of the collapsed buildings and start fighting and trying to take control of the middle tower, around the players battling. If the tower in the middle of the stage is taken over by a team(Red or Blue), AP will burst out of the tower, similar to the Ray Sphere in Aldens Tower. All classes in Fat Princess will be present, so you can see magicians, soldiers, resourcers, and the occasional chicken running around, doing their thing. The Bug Monster interferes with the battle and hits the soldiers, making them fly off the stage when it hits its claws down. The Parasites will climb on the tower in the middle and eat away at it until its gone. When the soliders on both sides realize this, they turn to the bug Monster and start attacking it, and the Bug Monster wails and cries until it goes behind the pole and dissapears behind one of the sides of the buildings. The Manticore will make an appearance as an easter egg in the background and can be seen breathing fire at something off screen, but secretly it will be another Fat Princess army attacking it.





God of War:


Fat Princess:


Thanks for Reading! More to come!





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Re: Stage Idea #2: Hecatonchires

Mar 6, 2013
I know most people complain about how there's already enough gow in this game, but I do think it is overly used because it has so much to offer. Maybe another gow stage isn't necessary, but it sure is a cool idea.

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