Feb 16 2013
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Spaghetti Saturday 2v2 Results (From Feb 9th)

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Sorry for the lateness! I honestly just somehow forgot! We've been busy at Pasta Stadium Leagues doing a lot of new things, so I apologize for how late this came!


This tournament was. weird in composure to say the least. There were odd disqualifications and the first set of grand finals was decided by time.


But still, all teams competing earned their spots well, and I look forward to our 2v2 tournament tomorrow to see if some return!


1st: Live by the sword, die by the ryno: CowJedi and Xaltis


2nd: Team 3000: Dillon3000 and Devon3000 (Sorry this is wrong on the brackets!)


3rd: Raohaek: stalkingflare and lolbebo


4th: HitConfirms: iiGGyxD and Dabuz18


5th: Double Ds: MarcusSoul and Pb_mal

5th: DarkSith: MagicSith and DarkCloudRepeat


7th: MogilSumi: Mogilicudi and Tatsumi

7th: ecomonkey: Sablast and Vamparisen


9th: Unknown: BannXD and Chof_23


9th: Burlap Lombax: Acursedone and Ginta2468

9th: Animal Control: Tamluka and Takluka (1)

9th: Ye Mon: vizionary2012 and vizionary2012 (1)


13th: Round One Faceoff - Paradox-Addict and SROVRSTRM

13th: Stuffed Trouble: YungDaVinci and Omedon86

13th: hotboxgaming: hotboxgaming and hotboxgaming (1)

13th: Twin Godfists: CrazyYoshimitsu and Soondragon67


17th: DJ ICE T's: DJPlace and Iceman8

17th: Tempest Pilgrim VS The World – TempestTheory (A One Person Kratos Only Team For Fun!)

17th: The Silent Beat - Deepercutt and Crazythesecond


The bracket can be found here:


Thanks again to those who played! Hope the next one is just as good!

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