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Re: Sorry but I'm officially done with PSASBR ...

Aug 16, 2012

Guest_1001 wrote:

With the reveal of "new" Dante, it's officially become a billboard for other games rather than being a game in its own right.


It's not actually Dante I'm bothered about; I've never liked the character. But now, we've got New Dante. We've got New Heihachi. We're going to get Raiden instead of Snake. Is anybody noticing a pattern here? All three are only in the game because they have upcoming games they need to promote. If none of them had upcoming titles, we would have three characters more iconic than the ones we're given, whether that'd be through alternate costumes or a seperate character entirely.


It's also worth mentioning how many characters originated on the PS3. When PaRappa was announced at the very beginning, there was a huge amount of speculation about who Superbot could put in the game from the archives. That was part of the excitement, seeing who could be brought back after not having a game for years. Only counting characters whose series' ended on a previous console (otherwise you end up with a situation like Heihachi; started on the PS1, garbage PS3 incarnation makes the cut), the final number is ... six. Three from the PS1 (MediEvil, PaRappa The Rapper and Ape Escape) and three from the PS2 (Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper ... and since Sly has an upcoming sequel, I'm actually being generous). It seems like such a waste, since we have fourteen characters from ongoing/PS3 titles in the game. Again, it's not a game, it's a billboard ...


I was hoping to see something surprising at Gamescom. I was hoping Superbot would surprise us, especially in light of the leaks. With the hint that there were more characters that weren't revealed, why wasn't the opportunity taken to shake things up and show the audience that Superbot had some surprises left up their sleeves? Or at the very least, since the roster was leaked, show us some other features of the game (story mode, different multiplayer modes). And yes, even now, I'm bemoaning the lack of Crash in the game. I know plenty of people will say "blame Activision" but if I'm not buying the game because of the lack of a character anyway, it doesn't really matter who's to blame. I'm not going to change my mind about purchasing a game just because it's Activision's fault and not Superbot's, am I? So as much as it pains me to turn away from the first game in ten years that features Sir Daniel Fortesque, games like this live and die by their roster. And I'm afraid the characters I actively dislike outnumber the ones I really like.


... The roster's still better than Smash Bros' though ...

If I were you, I still wouldn't give up on PSASBR even if you don't like the characters NOW. I'm sure the characters that are supposed to promote future games will have the oringinal skins or a DLC with the oringinals. For all we know, this could playstation's "game of the year!'



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