Nov 22 2012
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Some Advice

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So here is my recommendation to you guys.  When I started playing yesterday, I played a few Quick Match games, got used to the mechanics, then jumped in Ranked.  I did okay, rising and falling on the leaderboards.  And I had the same experience as a lot of you!  I met at least 1 if not 2-3 Raiden players in every game, most other players were just combo spamming characters, and it all felt very... meta.  Then I went back to Quick Match.


In Quick Match, nobody really cares about the whole "meta" thing.  It isn't ranked, so I see a lot more variety in the characters.  I've seen a ton of Sackboy, quick a few Toro, and even some Fat Princess and Spike.  Also, I only find Raiden players in maybe 33% of the games I play in Quick Match.


I know Ranked is really tempting to play nonstop.  It seems like it requires more skill, you get that fancy number to show off, and everyone takes it super serial... but who gives a ****?  Seriously, I implore you to jump into Quick Match for a good long while and see if you have more fun.  If you just do the same crap as you would do in Ranked (play Raiden/Kratos and square combo spam til super), your experience won't change much.  But when I jumped back into Quick Match, I started having a lot more fun, and now I can barely put the game down...

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