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Re: So what's SuperBot's next move?

Jul 29, 2012

ZombieScientist wrote:

DivinePaladin27 wrote:

D-Squad3 wrote:

ZombieScientist wrote:

The character leaks could be fake. The stage leaks are definitely real, though.

Right now it's unlikely that they're fake, the hackers got the files and the 8 characters mentioned are listed.

I can "hack" just as easily.  It's called MSPaint.  Take my documents tab, screencap, paste, begin editing.  Done.  As for the "decrypted" beta files, it's just as easy, and that's 100% fake.  Do you really think SuperBot misspelled Spectre?

Specter is a character from Ape Escape and that's the way his name is written.

I thought it was Spectre?  Maybe it's a localization thing or something like Skid(d) McMarx(x) in R&C1 (and UYA, for the letters in parentheses).

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