Sep 22 2012
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So All We Need Now And What About This or That?

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So its a possibility we are gonna get some new characters today and after we find them out were does that leave us?

Well  we will be wondering about the characters that we still need DLC or on the disc.

For example  :crash-smile:  :spyro:  :cloud:  Gex Croc Tomba Eddie Riggs Viewtiful Joe and Ty The Tasmanian Tiger.
I don't know about you guys but I would enjoy having these characters in this games with a stage from their game.

and on top of that what about the story is it gonna make sense is it gonna be a weird wild goose chase like brawl was , or is it going to be an epic story that we will remember for years to come.

and what about the story mode will we be able to play it with friends over online?

I'm just an individual looking for answers on who the new characters are and are the special characters that have a place in my heart like Sora,Ty,Croc, And Eddie going to be in there? =/

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