Aug 24 2012
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Since I saw that Dempsey moveset. Here's Richtofen.

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I made this a while back on gamefaqs, decided to share it over here. What do you think?

Inb4 COD! **bleep** THIS SUCKS! It revolves more around the Zombie universe then COD universe.

Edward Richtofen (They would sensor his Nazi sign, since it would clearly offend some people.)

Entrance: Walks in with a bottle of Juggernaut and takes a sip and smashes it to the ground and laughs.

Win Pose: He takes out the Teddy Bear and says "Look Samantha! We won, aren't you happy!? *Maniac Laugh*"

Lose Pose: Throws the Teddy Bear on the floor out of anger and yells "Nein Nein NEIN!"

Taunt: He just does his famous maniac laugh in the middle of the game.

Jump: Just a plain Jump

Double Jump: Takes a Thunder Gun out and shoots it to the ground to make him jump higher

Guard: Uses a Mystery Box vertically to guard himself

Square Attacks:

No input: He swings his Bowie Knife once

Forward: He shoots the Ray gun twice

Back: He swings his Bowie Knife in a circle motion quickly

Down: He shoots a Double Barrel Shotgun twice

Up: He fires a flamethrower in the sky (Anti-Air attack)

Aerial: He takes his Thunder gun out and shoots it to the floor, whoever is in the way is blown to the side and it gives Richtofen a boost in the air.

Triangle Attacks:

No input: Shoots the Wunderwaffe once.

Forward: Shoots the PPSH

Back: Takes out a M1-Carbine and viciously bashes it foward

Down: Throws a Molotov to the ground

Up: A teleporter spawns (Kinda like how a grappling line spawns for Nathan Drake) and Richtofen jumps in and gets teleported somewhere else in the map.

Aerial: Throws a empty bottle of Juggernaut to the floor and it shatters in a small radius

Circle Attacks:

No input: He shoots an explosive scavenger bullet

Forward: Shoots the 31-79 JGb 215 which shrinks the opponents for a short amount of time

Back: Shoots the V-R11 and the bullet stuns the opponents

Down: Shoots the Wave Gun which blows the opponents forward

Up:Throws a QED gun in the air which randomly spawns and item

downward. He Spawns a zombie foward which attacks the opponents. Two can be spawned at a time. It could either be a: Zombie, Crawler, Monkey, Astronaut Zombie, Napalm Zombie, Nova Zombie, or a Screecher Zombie

Aerial: Throws a Monkey Bomb to the ground with a medium blast radius


Level 1: Gersch Device: He Throws a Gersch Device that has a small/medium range and whoever is sucked into it is killed

Level 2: He drinks a bottle of PHD. Flopper and dives, whoever is in the explosion which is a pretty big radius is killed

Level 3: He throws the Teddy Bear in the middle of the screen and Samantha is Summoned. Which unleashes a whole horde of zombies that spawn. Which keeps killing till: A. The players kills all of the zombies or B. The certain amount of time is reached and they are spawned back out of the area.

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Re: Since I saw that Dempsey moveset. Here's Richtofen.

Aug 24, 2012


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Re: Since I saw that Dempsey moveset. Here's Richtofen.

Aug 24, 2012
**bleep** * insert moses picture here*
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Re: Since I saw that Dempsey moveset. Here's Richtofen.

Feb 1, 2013

Nice ideas! I'd love to see Richtofen in PSASBR since he's my favorite from Zombies.

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Re: Since I saw that Dempsey moveset. Here's Richtofen.

Feb 1, 2013
I love Zombies and that was a very solid moveset.
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