Mar 06 2013
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Serious question on character requests. Smart ppl respond.

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Okay obviously there are many characters being requested along with the Crash, Spyro, Cloud petitions. I'm not saying it won't work but say they do get the licenses. Who's they? Who will create the characters Superbot or SSM? Who's to say SSM even knows how to make characters for the game? My guess is all the dlc Superbot made is all we are going to get, any new licenses will be put aside for a possible sequel.
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Re: Serious question on character requests. Smart ppl respond.

Mar 6, 2013
I don't have "hard facts" obviously, I don't work at SSM or SuperBot. So here's my take on it.

Santa Monica will be having the full source code and resources for the game which means they -can- make changes.

Whether they have a "team" that works on the source and makes changes to the game is something we can only wait and find out.

It could very well be that SSM are like:

"Hey joe, take a look if you can do something with this PSASBR game"

Joe: "Looked at the source for a couple of days man, the source is pretty horrible, I don't think we can do much here besides making small fixes".

SSM: "Oh okay, we'll keep telling the people we still "support" this game".

Support here would just mean fixing some bad glitches and issues.

This is just a guess though, SSM might have some skilled people but whether they are truly interested in developing this game further is not something we can tell for sure.
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