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Sequels Ideas

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Game Modes

-Story Mode

(The story has to make some sense. A large variety of these characters live on different planets and some characters live in time centuries. Maybe the story can base on Polygon Man theory floating around the Internet. The theory being Polygon Man is an abandoned Playstation mascot, now forced to watch all these Playstation stars take his place on the brand that should belong to him. Perhaps he goes back (or forward) in time and gets a group of villains to help him destroy the current All Star. Also give him more powers.)



-Arcade Mode 

-Buzz Quiz Mode (In this mode Buzz can ask you questions about Playstation history)

-Boss Rush
- Mini Boss Rush
-Survival Mode

-LBP Stage Builder Mode
-Tournament Mode

-Verse Mode
A. 1v1
B. 2v2
C. Free For All

-Online Mode
C.Quick Match
D. 1v1
E. 2v2
F. Free For All
G. Customizable Rule (such as the ability to ban characters like Kratos for the lobby)


C. Basic

D. Advance (Combos)


Customization Profile

A. Icon

B. Background

C. Title

D. Minion

-Better Characters Bio (Maybe like a video interview like the one below)


-New Features

A. Gaining less AP when doing the same move too many times (Spamming)

B.Unlocking (Stages, Characters, Items, Collectible don't give us everything)

C. Turn On/Off Specific Hazard & Items







List of First Party Characters (that have a chance at the Sequel)


Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)

Parappa the Rapper (PaRappa The Rapper)

Chop Chop Master Onion (Parappa the Rapper)

Spike (Ape Escape)

Specter (Ape Escape)

Pipo Monkey (Ape Escape)

Sir Daniel Fortesque (MedEvil)

Captain Blasto (Blasto)

Toro (Doko demo Issyo)

Dart (The Legend of Dragoon)

Rose (The Legend of Dragoon)

Alundra (Alundra)

Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter)

Rudy Roughnight (Wild Arms)


UmJammer Lammy (UmJammer Lammy)

Robbit (Jumping Flash!)



Kratos (God Of War)

Zeus (God Of War)

Jak and Daxter (Jak And Daxter)

Sig (Jak and Daxter)

Ratchet and Clank (Ratchet And Clank)

Captain Qwark (Ratchet & Clank)

Murray (Sly Cooper)

Bentley (Sly Cooper)

Sly (Sly Cooper)

Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper)

Toan (Dark Cloud)

Max (Dark Cloud 2)

Monica (Dark Cloud 2)

Rynn (Drakan: The Ancients' Gates)

Jennifer Tate (Primal)

Mark Hammond (Getaway)

Rau Utu (The Mark of Kri)



Fat Princess (Fat Princess)

Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)

Kutaro (Puppeteer)

Evil / Good Cole MacGrath (inFAMOUS)

Colonel Radec (Killzone 2)

Emmett Graves (Star Hawks)

Joel (The Last of Us)

Nathan Hale (Resistance)

"The Traveler” (Journey)

Leonard (White Knight Chronicles)

Jodie Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls)

Ellen (Folklore)

Kevin Bulter ("It Only Does Everything" commercials)

Nariko (Heavenly Sword)


(PSP or PS Vita)

Kat (Gravity Rush)

Raven (Gravity Rush)

Yunica (Gravity Rush)

J'eanne D'Arc (J'eanne D'Arc)



Knack (Knack)

Character(s) Unknown (Killzone: Shadow Fall)

Delsin Rowe (Infamous: Second Son)


Franchises that should be represented as Stages

Intelligent Qube

Gran Turismo

Escape Plan


Jet Moto

ModNation Racers

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