Feb 19 2013
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Sephiroth moveset if added as DLC

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Square= A diagonal strike with his katana if mashed seph keeps hitting his target before smashing him out the way. This gives Seph 30AP

Up+square= Seph uses his katana to strike them in the air if move is mashed he smashes the enemy similar to the above move but if the move is held down he glides up with his wing allowing for aerial combat. If move is mashed Seph gets 30AP if held down seph gets 20AP

Down+square= Seph smashes his katana down giving him 10AP

Forward+square= Seph glides for a second and then uses his sword in a vertical line smashing foes back giving seph 25AP


Triangle= Sephiroth chucks a potion in the air increasing his AP gain by a short amount

Up and triangle= Sephiroth chucks potion in the air giving him increased speed.

Down and triangle= Sephiroth counters an attack by jumping behind his foe and impaling them Aerith style. This gives sephiroth 30AP

Forward and triangle= Sephiroth stabs a foe and can chuck them at other players. If 1 player is hit Seph gets 20AP if 2 players are hit Seph gets 60AP but you have to tie it precisly.


Circle= Seph blasts a fireball at a player giving him 10AP

Up and circle= Seph uses lightning to his advantege this move can be angled diagonally or in a straight line giving Seph 20AP

Down and circle= Seph Lifts the ground smacking all players out the way giving him 20AP

Forward and circl= Seph gives himself 5 AP but the process of getting the AP is long so no one can realy camp using this move.



LV1= Sephiroth heats up his blade and then slashes the closet player the numbers 9999 appear on top of their head before they are KO'd.

LV2= Sephiroth grows his one wing and can wreck havoc accros the stage.

LV2= He transforms into Safer Sephiroth and can attack players you can also use supernova but it works like emmets carpet bomb.






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Re: Sephiroth moveset if added as DLC

Feb 21, 2013
I like it, especially the supers, but when does Sephiroth ever use potions? Wouldn't. Materia make more sense? And what about grabs? Also, I think Sir Dans would resnet giving him their lvl1 to use at ad nauseum.

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Re: Sephiroth moveset if added as DLC

Feb 22, 2013

I forgot about the materia. And thanks I just find it hard to put throws in my movelists.

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