Feb 05 2013
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Sachette Sunday 1v1: Special Stage List Tournament Results!

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Hello everyone! I'm here again to report and try to look at some of our results from another tournament.


This one has an odd ruleset to try out different stages in 1v1. While the results here are not too unexpected with how good the players are, we learned some stages just plain are bad for competitive 1v1.


So congrats to those who did well despite some of these downright terrible stages!


To start, all of my events have has a big spike is Sackboys lately, it seems that he is getting a lot of popularity!


But now to look at the stage list. It was wonky for sure, and we learned a lot from it.  For those who didn't see it:


Starter Stages:
All first matches of a set must be played on one of these stages.

  • Practice Stage Small 2
  • Practice Stage Large 1
  • Alden's Tower

Counterpick List:
These stages may be chosen after the first match of a set.

  • Invasion
  • Franzea
  • Sandover Village
  • Stowaways
  • Time Station
Very odd for sure!
Here's a break down for each stage:
Practice Small 2: Just TOO small. even with the platforms, it got a lot of hate. Still not the worse stage of them all though.
Practice Large 1: Honestly, it's just Medium but EVEN bigger. Zoner's had even more room to work with. Not horrible, but not amazing.
Alden's Tower: Sunday proved this stage just isn't good for competitive 1v1 EVEN with hazards off. The sphere just gets abused and Sackboy BREAKS the stage. It just wont work.
Invasion: It just seems likes too many trollish tricks can happen on this stage. Plus how circle campy it is. Not horrifying, but not amazing either.
Franzea: It's Franzea. It shifts, moves, has water, and is just plain wonky.
Sandover Village: On of the poorest designed stages in the game AND the most hated. That is all. Smiley Tongue
Stowaways: Despite how much fun it is in such close quarters, the stage is just not great for 1v1. The beginning of the stage is too easy to abuse for some characters, and there is still falling over the edge during the second part.
Time Station: The only real negative is the acid. People may not like the stage, but there is less wrong with it then many of the others on the list.
But now, no more bring stuff, time for the results!



1st: Dabuz18 (Ratchet/Evil Cole)


2nd: LizardHeart (Ratchet)


3rd: Xadrin (Evil Cole)


4th: Ginta2468 (Sackboy)


5th: MarcusSoul (Good Cole/Drake)

5th: O9N12  (Sackboy)


7th: Lunar Reaper (Nariko)

7th: sumonyou (Fat Princess)


9th: VGMtheVagabond (Sackboy)

9th: paradox-addict (Sackboy)

9th: MagicSith (PaRappa)

9th: Catacyst (Raiden)


13th: SROVRSTRM (Spike/Jak/Sackboy)

13th: sparkz6595 (Spike)

13th: TempestTheory (Heihachi)


The bracket can be found here:


Thank you guys for reading! Hope to see you at our next tournament!

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Re: Sachette Sunday 1v1: Special Stage List Tournament Results!

Feb 5, 2013

Put Ratchet first, I used him about 80% of the tourney.

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Re: Sachette Sunday 1v1: Special Stage List Tournament Results!

Feb 5, 2013

got a handful of sackboys in there i see!

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Re: Sachette Sunday 1v1: Special Stage List Tournament Results!

Feb 5, 2013
I could have got farther if something urgent did not come up and I had to sign off!
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Re: Sachette Sunday 1v1: Special Stage List Tournament Results!

Feb 5, 2013
Yeah, Sackboy has gotten VERY popular! A solid character for sure!

And I bet you could have Ginta, sorry for the disconnect!
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