Feb 11 2013
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Sachette Sunday 1v1 Results!

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Hey everyone! This results thread is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!


We had a lot of new talent come join us for the new rules (4.0) and we not only had a ground breaking tournament, but it was the smoothest tournament we have ever run and the fastest even with 22 participants! Thanks for everyone who participated for helping this runs so wonderfully!


Now to look at the results which were amazing. First, a Spike got in the TOP THREE!!! Also, he had a PaRappa hit top four as well and finally had our first high placing Sly player.


Other then not having a big bunch of Ratchets this time, Spike and PaRappa still had a lot of players and this time placed high! I think this popularity is pushing those characters games to a higher level every week!  


I hope to see more 1v1 Sly players coming to these, as we don't get many (our record being 2 from this tournament) Also, it's cool to note a Big Daddy in top 6!


Well here are the results:


1st: Red_Ring_Ryko (Evil Cole)


2nd: Devon3000 (Sly)


3rd: GoddessBracelet (Spike)


4th: MagicSith (PaRappa)


5th: iceman8 (Jak/Fat Princess)

5th: Omnisignificance (Big Daddy)


7th: Smash_and_Crash (PaRappa)

7th: CelestialMind (EvilCole)


9th: LunarReaper (Nariko)

9th: blackaldamon (Sir Daniel/Spike)

9th: Catacyst (Raiden)

9th: kaos0321 (Dante)


13th: Optic-_-Thunder (Spike)

13th: Paradox-Addict (Sly)

13th: ShhhItsMistical (Sweet Tooth)

13th: Soondragon67 (Spike/Heihachi)


17th: Ansrk0 (Dante)

17th: SROVRSTRM (Spike/Jak/PaRappa/Sir Daniel)

17th: TempestTheory (Jak)

17th: Rockozer (Sweet Tooth)

17th: FredFai (Sir Daniel/PaRappa)

17th: Sparkz6595 (Good Cole)


The bracket can be found here:


Thanks again for everyone who participated! I hope a lot of these new faces come back for more!

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