Nov 12 2012
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STAGE IDEA The Journey X Uncharted stage

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GUYS, remember STOWAWAY stage in this game has Uncharted 3 airplane stage where the plane is flying over the desert? 

Imagine if they combined this stage with ThatGameCompany's best PSN selling game 'The Journey's" desert stage. The stage begins down in the desert of the journey. You see the journey redclothed protagonist flying in the background going on their journey.. as the match continues they go far away and fade out, and you see the big airplane pass by in the air from Uncharted above the dessert of the journey. As the plane pass over the map and fading more away in the background too, it leaves bunch of crates falling down, and vehicles. As it goes down, you see the enemies who also fell from the plane falling in the desert in the background. If you are in the way, crates can fall on you, and so can the vehicles falling from the airplane of stowaway. The vehicles fall on the desert, and roll down out of the map and explode... The crates stay on the map, and you can pick them up and throw them on someone as item. As they hit the ground they can break, and there is a chance you can get the RPG from Uncharted if the crate breaks, sometimes there is nothing or the probability is lower that you will get another item over the RPG in the crate. As the match continues, you see the journey protagonist rise as a star and flies back to the beginning of the stage just like in the end of Journey, this shows the players that the time of the end of match is coming.



the stage will look something like the picture above, but bigger enviroment and smaller characters on the stage and you can see the mountain in the far back, and the airplane of stowaway flies from left side to the direction of the sun... the wind blows the crates on the map which falls on the players. 


This is the airplane, and you can see the crates I mean.. the characters starts falling first, then the crates, and then lastly the trucks. 


The stage starts in this song:

Journey Soundtrack (Austin Wintory) - 17. Apotheosis:


and changing to this song as the uncharted plane flies over the map:


Uncharted 2 Soundtrack - Main Theme: 

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Re: STAGE IDEA The Journey X Uncharted stage

Nov 12, 2012
I think it would be epic if at the end of the crossover, the plane ends up crashing in the in the background/immediate area of the stage
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Re: STAGE IDEA The Journey X Uncharted stage

Nov 12, 2012

Would love to see that happen! Journey needs something in this game, so of course I would support it XD. I think that one of the war machines from journey should be the cause of everything crashing and falling (we don't really know what happens to the plane after the events on that Uncharted stage!). Its a nice idea to have stages connect and intertwine like that, I think its a neat idea.

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Re: STAGE IDEA The Journey X Uncharted stage

Nov 12, 2012

Seeing as though the plane is already featured in another stage, I would much rather see either a different Uncharted setting (Shambala, Tibet, train, or the jungle anyone?) or a different series mashed up with Journey

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