May 16 2014
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Rising Stars 3 Official Thread

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All Stars Unite Once Again! It's been over a month since the patch changed the meta, AND Smash 4 is on its way. Now is the time for new Stars to rise!

The event will be held on June 7, 2014, in A&C World on 702a Spadina Avenue Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The nearest main intersection is Bloor and Spadina, and it is a five minute walk away from the Spadina subway Station. 



This tournament will feature 3 events:

-         PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Singles (1 vs. 1)

-         PlayStatiob All Stars Battle Royale Doubles (2 vs. 2)

-         Super Smash Brothers Brawl ( 2 vs. 2 Balanced Doubles) (Balanced doubles means the tournament organizer creates the teams so that they are theoretically balanced, giving all entrants a chance at victory. So if player A has never played Super Smash Bros before, they will be pairred up with an extremely knowledgable and skilled Smash player.)



Venue fee: $10

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Singles (1v1): $10

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Doubles (2v2): $20 ($10 per person)

Super Smash Brothers Brawll (2v2 Balanced Doubles): Free Entrance 



A livestream of the event will be offered courtesy of A&C Games. Their channel is

PlayStationAll Stars Battle Royale will be the focus of the stream, however, grand finals (and possibly more if there is time) of Brawl Doubles will be streamed.


Prize Payouts:

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Singles

20 or Less Entrants:

-          1st Place: 60%

-          2nd Place: 30%

-          3rd Place: 10%


21 or More Entrants


-          1st Place: 50%

-          2nd Place: 20%

-          3rd Place: 15%

-          4th Place: 10%

-          5the Place: 5%



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Doubles


-          1st place: 60%

-          2nd place: 30%

-          3rd place: 10%



Super Smash Bros Doubles


This event is free to enter, however, each member of the winning team will recieve $10 cash coutesy of my kind wallet.



*All event Payouts are subject to change.*



*The venue is open from 2 pm - 8 pm*

2 pm: Doors open

2:15 pm: Registration for Both PSASBR Events and the Super Smash Bros Event Begins

2:30 pm: Registration Closes

2:45 pm: PSASBR Doubles Begins

3:00 pm: Super Smash Brothers Brawl Balanced Doubles Begins

5:00 pm: PSASBR Singles Begins


Scheduled times are approximate, and this schedule is subject to change.

If there are any questions, then please send me a private message and I can inform you of the Prices, Payouts, Schedule, rules, and answer any questions you may have.

I am going to be VERY strict with timing during this event. Setups and patches will be ready before the event even begins (I'm setting it all up prior to June 7) Thus I will focus on registration ASAP. Meaning you must come between 2pm and 2:30, and if you come after 2:30, don't expect to be entered in any event.


General Gameplay Rules

1. Stock Mode: 3 Lives

2. Items set to "None"

3. Map Hazards set to "Off" in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

4. Please do not use any game breaking glitches. Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e.., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that game for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects. A few of these glitches include:


Modified Rules for PlayStation All Stars Doubles

Kill Limit mode: 6 Kills

Set Procedure for Singles and Doubles 

1. Each Team selects one character for each Player. A double blind pick may be called by any player.

2. The first game is played on a Stage selected from the Starter Stage List either by mutual consent or through the Stage Striking Method. The order of stage striking will be 1-2-1 (Team 1 strikes one stage, followed by Team 2 striking two stages, with Team 1 then striking one of the two remaining stages).

3. The first match is played.

4. In singles, the player that won the previous match may announce One "Stage Bans" if they have not already done so in this set. Otherwise they may change their bans.

5. The Team that lost the previous match announces the stage for the next match from either the Starter or the Counterpick Stage List. Any Stage named as a "Stage Ban" by the either Team may not be selected. No Stage may be used by a Team that has already won on that Stage in this set.

6. The Team that won the previous match chooses one character for each Player.

7. The Team that lost the previous match chooses one character for each Player.

8. The next match is played.

9. Repeat steps 4-8 for all proceeding matches.


PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Stage List

Starters (Singles)

-          Rival Arena

-          Metropolis

-          San Francisco


Counterpicks (Singles)

-          Hades 

-          Practice Medium 1
-          Practice Small 2 


Starters (Doubles)

-        Practice Medium 1

-        Metropolis

-        San Francisco


Counterpicks (Doubles)

-        Hades

-        Columbia

-        Paris

Super Smash Brothers Stage List


-        Smashville

-        BattleField

-        Final Destination

-        Lylat Cruise

-        Yoshi's Island


-       Halberd

-       Frigate Orpheon


Conduct Rules 

1. BYOC and USB Wire(Bring your own controller): Players are expected to bring their own controller and USB wire and be prepared for every tournament set. A USB wire (the one that normally charges your controller) is needed to connect your PS3 controller to a PS3. Please bring your own wire to save lots of time. I also advise putting a sticker or tape around your wire so as not to misplace it with the venue’s wires.

2. In the event pause is left on and is pressed, if required, immediately call over the TO. Based upon their judgment, the situation will be resolved.

3. Players who use the PS3 controller or fight stick must turn it off when not playing. If the PS3 controller or fight stick is still synced up to a PS3, you could unintentionally disrupt a match. If problems persist, a DQ may happen.

4. For the purposes of simplicity, please do not use a PlayStation Vita.

5. You are responsible for your own controller. Any malfunctions or errors that occur are your responsibility (including battery issues with a PS3 controller), so bring an extra controller if possible and always check to make sure you're using the correct settings BEFORE a match is played. If a match has started and the game needs to be paused to adjust controls, pause to change controls ONLY if the opponent is not comboing, and you have alerted your opponent that you must pause. Both players must agree with each other when to unpause the game.

6. Intentional forfeiting, match fixing, and any other forms of bracket manipulation are not allowed and punishable by the TO.

7. No substitutions are allowed for singles or doubles.

8. DQ Rule: Arriving too late for a match will result in a DQ. Player(s) will have 10 minutes to show up before a loss of the set. For doubles, both players on a team need to be present in order to play.

9. The tournament organizer has the right to save/record any tournament match if possible and has the right to upload said match.

10. Disrupting your opponent physically or intending to disrupt their play (through something such as screaming in a player's ear) will result in a warning. Repeated action will result in disqualification from the tournament and possibly ejection from the venue. Observers who physically disrupt players are to be dealt with as the Tournament Organizer sees fit. Disqualification is recommended if possible, and ejection from the venue is also a punishment.



A & C World sells water, Coke, Nestea, and Sprite for $1

We only have the venue for 6 hours. As a result, there is no excuse as to why you cannot eat lunch before the tournament rather than during. I WILL be disqualifying players if they are not able to play their match within 10 minutes of being announced. If you would like to grab a bite prior to the close of registration, here is a list of nearby restaurants:

-          Pizza Pizza: This place sells pizza. It is north of the venue at the main intersection of Spadina & Bloor.

-          Lick's: Excellent burgers next door of the venue. It also offers student discounts should you bring your student I.D.

-          If you walk south to Harbord st. There are a couple of independent restaurants.

-          Tim Hortons and Second Cup are at the same intersection as the Pizza Pizza.

-          Subway: South of the venue, down Spadina


Generally, all participants of events are ready to eat after the venue closes, and its always a great hangout with fellow players and new friends. Yet another reason why I encourage players to eat only before and after the event, and to not leave the venue during the event to get food.



The venue is just a five minute walk south of Spadina subway station. Keep in mind this is at A&C World and NOT A&C Games. They are 2 doors apart. Though I highly recommend you check out A&C Games to see there large stock of games and gaming accessories, the tournament itself is held in A&C World. Here is Google Maps:,0,635588228...


Social Media

Join us on Facebook:

To talk with other attendees, the hosts, and get updates regarding the event.


More Information

For more information you may private message either one of us (RedX_92 or O9N12) directly. For out of region participants, feel free to contact us if you are considering coming from a substantial distance and need some help getting here or with housing, we may be able to help you out! 


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Re: Rising Stars 3 Official Thread

May 16, 2014


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Re: Rising Stars 3 Official Thread

May 16, 2014
Whut It Dew

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Re: Rising Stars 3 Official Thread

May 16, 2014

Won't be able to make it (again), but I hope it goes well. Best of luck guys!

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May 17, 2014
Ill probs be there as always. Don't really play psas so I'll be there for fun mostly
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May 17, 2014
If its any consolation Afro, I dont really play All Stars anymore either, its the fun community chill factor that makes it worthwhile in the end.
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May 17, 2014

Very excited for the event, wonder if any of the Texas dudes will make it over there Cat Surprised

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May 17, 2014
Are you attending, Squish?
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May 17, 2014

If I had the money? Yeah sure I totally would; but I don't Smiley Sad and I live in Arizona so rip. Megabus isn't a thing here.

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Re: Rising Stars 3 Official Thread

May 18, 2014

Bumpity bump bump!

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