Jan 31 2013
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Richter Belmont Move list if added as dlc

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Richter was normally in a snes game but then he was in SOTN a ps excluesive. his whip,martial arts and sub weapons make him a deadly foe. his whip attacks are also long range


Sqaure= Richter will hit his foe with a whip this move gives Richter 20 AP

Up and sqaure= Richter will whip upwords giving Richter 20AP

Forward and square= Richter spins his whip to counter projectiles If foe is countered this gives Richter 30AP

Down and sqaure= Richter can whip through surfaces to get his foe this gives Richter 20AP


Triangle attacks are his martial arts


Triangle= Richter performs a roundhouse kick that smacks his foe across the stage giving him 30AP

Up and triangle= Richter performs a extremely high uppercutts for a cool 30AP

Forward and triangle= Richter Dashes torwards his foe also damiging them this gives Richter 30 AP

Down and triangle = Richter performs a slidekick that leaves the foe available for a combo but if you mash the move he will end it with a lunge kick giving Richter 30AP


Circle attacks are his subweapons


Circle= Richter throws a dagger at enemys if mashed he will toss more if held down he will throw a barrage of them if mashed this gives Richter 5AP if held down 30AP

Up and circle= Richter throws a holy bible that spinns in circles around him it stuns enemys but only gives Richter 5AP ( because it wont get spammed)

Forward and circle= Richter throws holy water on the floor and stuns and dameges enemys this move gives richter 15AP

Down and circle= Richter throws a holy cross at enemys this is like sir dans axe This move gives Richter 20AP



LV1= Mini hydro storm = Richter starts a rainfall that damages and kills enemys this move covers his back and his front but the rain has a range of sir dans fire attack

LV2= Holy cross = Richter summons 2 giant holy cross's to circle his body and cover the screen like kratoses LV2

LV3 Alucard= Richter will summon Alucard to vaporise Richter's foes this is Alucards move list


Sqaure= Alucard will swing his sword killing a character that comes in contact.

Triangle= Alucard Will shoot summoned souls in a homing missle manner to kill enemys

Circle= Alucard will shout soul steal and creates a Big ball around him Killing People and stealing their AP to


By far the easiest moveset.

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Re: Richter Belmont Move list if added as dlc

Mar 16, 2013

I love it!!


I would like to see Richter or Leon Belmont in this game instead of Gabriel Belmont Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Richter Belmont Move list if added as dlc

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Mar 17, 2013

Well, Richter does make sense, considering The Dracula X Chronicles was an exclusive game for PSP the included not only the remake of Richter's game, but the original game AND Symphony of the Night as bonuses.

I still think Alucard himself would make for a more varied and interesting character though, given his spells, form changes, loaded arsenal (though they'd probably just stick with the Alucard Sword), and special techniques.

Plus, the sight of Richter's whip might make people groan.

I'd be fine with any Castlevania rep though. Unfortunately, with Lords of Shadow 2 launching this year, our best bet would be one of those guys... Smiley Frustrated

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