Sep 22 2012
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Revenger-cm Beta review!

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First things first, the beta itself is awesome. I don't even have to play the final product to know that this game.... is better than brawls, period.


Friends: there's been bugs lately no letting my friends join or find matches fast, but this is the beta of course. Its a lot of fun to play the game on 2v2, **bleep** great chatting while playing with your friend, never had that in brawl. Yogurt and I made an awesome team, even though i got the beta 1 day later and still learning >.> <.<


Stages: Metropolis and Hades are great maps, don't use Radec on metropolis so much, he is no that good on there. Thats all i have to say for the stages.


Music: Menu theme rocks, i have memorized already for how good it is lol. The music o stages are pretty bad, because they are just to relaxing and don't get you pump to play better. Hope they make a song selection for stages like on brawl.


Volume: The volume of the game is very, very low... needs to be louder, i don't even notice theres a song playing in the background.


Connection: Lets just say in the final product, you won't have to wait 10 seconds and you are in a match already, so don't worry, sometimes the players teleport but thats about it Smiley Wink


Items: pertty nice, although i would like to play without them lol


Modes: Again , 2v2 my fav, too much fun working together as a team, free for all is pretty good.


Now onto the chaarcter o.o (no sly ;()


Parappa: Very fast character, quick moves, quicly gets AP, very good to start with, lvl 3 is allright in free for all, but i wish after he used lvl 3 he woulda got a 20 sec double ap gaining or something similiar, that would help.


Kratos: Excellent starting character, he grabbing on the enemy player is good way to start getting used to the controls. Supers are all right except lvl 2, which could use little bit more radio.


Radec: DAAAAA MMMMNNNN , he spams a lot of his sniper. I try to block and jump but sometimes its just impossible to get him b4 he hits you like 5 times. Radec should be little stronge on close combat and maybe the rifle could get weaker in my opinion. He gets 2 lvl 3 easily if he just spams. All lvl 3 supers are fine, his lvl 1 is good but its hard to use.


Sweet Tooth: his perfect, a very fast ap gaining character, easy to play him.


Fat prince: her moveset is all right, but her lvl 3 is pretty bad, its gets you like 2-3 kills from what i've seen.



Anyways, this game is better than brawl, it has no similiarity with brawl execpt that its a 4 player brawler. thats it, so get yourself the game or you will miss a big oppurtinity here. Can't wait for roster with 22+ character roster, i can tell this game is on top 5 games of the year for PS, no doubt.

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Re: Revenger-cm Beta review!

Sep 22, 2012

Is this the same beta as the EU one, or is another one?

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Re: Revenger-cm Beta review!

Sep 22, 2012
Were playing the Cross play NA beta, good times Revenger!
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