Nov 27 2012
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Request for Character Discussion Threads

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For a while now I've been hoping that these forums get some form of sub forum or stickied threads to allow character specific threads and discussions.


There are way too many threads on here that get lost to all the topics about how X character is OP and needs nerfed when really what people need to do is learn about what character is giving them trouble and to learn how the character they play can fight them.


This would perhaps allow players to expand their knowledge of the characters so far both the ones they play as and the ones their opponents play. I'd be more than happy to startup a Fat Princess and Sir Daniel in game discussion thread and perhaps Sweet tooth too unless a more seasoned ST wants to start things up. The discussions could be to how characters play, their combos, their matchups with other characters, their uses on certain stages or in certain game modes etc.


Really hoping to start building up a meta game and more knowledgable community on here to have some interesting talks about this game and all it's unique well designed characters ^^ Anyone else want this?

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