Jan 10 2013
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Remote-play/Cross-Controller Ratchet & Clank collections & Full Frontal Assault

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Ive been chatting via email with James Stevenson (the community lead at insomniac),I have been nonstop trying to push him to add Ps Vita Cross-controller & Remote-play patches to R&C collection, FFA & the Resistance series.For those who live under a rock & dont know what each of these features do" Remote play allows you to stream the Ps3's output to the Ps vita just as the Wii-U does.Cross-Controller allows the Ps vita owner to use the Ps vita as a Ps3 controller and utilizes the touch screen & back touch pad as added options for buttons etc. So anyway, what he has been saying is that they would rather phocus their resources on dlc maps and bug fixes for Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault. I keep telling him that its only a patch as far as remote-play goes and that he could proably ask Sony to lend them a dev to do a quick job etc. He then tells me that Sony has to convince them to wh it would be a good idea etc.I think I speak for alot of Vita owners when I say that other than Vita games, we bought the Vita with the thought of being able to play ps3 & ps2 games either via remote-play or an emulater like the ps1 classics. Hd collections are kind of becoming more popular but we need more. Is it just me who really want these features for those games?I told him that when Sony announced Remote-play & Cross-controler, Sony shouldve had atleast 10 compatable games ready and lined up for launch.Where is jak & daxter collection or even Capcom & Devil may cry collection.All of the Studios who support Sony and are under Sony should have been working on something quick for us because most of us wouldve payed for these capabilities. 



Anyways im still trying to talk him into it but I just wanted to see who else is or was as hyped for games having remote-play & cross-controller etc.

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