Nov 16 2012
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Razorfane/Parappa rivalry cutscene

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I'm EXTREMELY bored, gotta do something, so here ya go:


Razorfane walks around, on his mission to take out the person whom he believes to be the leader of the race that almost annihilated his whole race and caused them to retreat to Xsarra...Parappa then comes in riding on his skateboard happily when he comes across Razorfane..."Hey there cool robot guy, what are you up to?" "I'm serching for the one who brought us here, now leave me be" "Well ok, need any help?" "listen I don't have time for this, my race is in danger and I have to exterminate this person so the danger can be beat it or else!" "Dude its alright, all you gotta do is Believe, and you can beat the guy...You gotta do what? I gotta redeem! you sure about that? I gotta..." "That is it, consider yourself dead! I'll Kill you fast and mount your head, I warned you, but you didn't seem to listen, now you'll be dead in a grave, where your family will be missing!" battle commences.

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