Oct 29 2012
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Ps All-Stars Mixtape by nonsenze aka dork geniuz

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Okay guys, heres the deal.As some of you may or may not know, asides from being a hardcore gamer I am also a hiphop/nerd-core artist & producer. I have an EP out titled"GameDork:Life in 8-bit which is video game themed and you can also check out and listen to here




The main reason I am bringing this up is because I was thinking about putting together a mixtape , album or cd in which I sample each of our favorite characters theme songs from ps allstars (or their solo games), make a beat out of it and spit some gamer goodness to etc.However, I wont do it if there isnt enough demmand for it but if I get enough likes or Kudos or just comments on the gamedork album I may concider doing it and putting it out either a week before Nov 20 or on the same day.I can even most likely do 5 songs a week starting from Nov on with each song based off 1 franchise.The best part about all of this is that I am willing to release it for free for you guys"The fans.Again though I will only concider doing this if you guys actually like my music so let me know. Share this post to help get the word out because I would need to start very soon if I am going through with it.

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