Nov 17 2012
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Pros and Cons of Ratchet & Jak in PSASBR

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So we all know that Ratchet vs Jak has been like the dream match up since like.... The beginning of time.


So me and my friend wanted to make a comparison topic.


I already posted this up on gamefaqs a while ago but it didnt get too much attention so Ive been planning to post it here for a while but I've been hesitating to do so because of some things that have been going on here lately but what the hay.


Ratchet Pros:

-Supers better for FFA
-Heavy hitter weapon attacks that give a bunch of AP and a bunch of knockback (Warmonger, Constructo Pistol, Sonic Eruptor)
-Has an aim-able sniper
-Testla Spikes stay on stage for a while
-Decent combo potential
-Suck Cannon

Ratchet Cons:

-A little slower than Jak
-No mobility options other than running lol
-Hard to set up level 1 in a 1v1
-Bad support, could have been replaced by a better weapon. (Agents of Doom & Mr Zurkon only give like 3 AP) Idk Maybe the Agents could help set up his level 1 more easily

Jak Pros:

-Pretty agile (Hoverboard, That attack that throws him a bit)
-Weapons give good crowd control
-Mass Inverter gives a really easy setup for his level 1.
-Better combo potential than Ratchet

Jak Cons

-Not the best level 1 for FFA
-Attacks have much less knockback. (Debatable whether this is a pro or con but it didnt seem like he had many moves to just get people off him ya know?)


Ok Obviously I've been paying attention to Ratchet more so everyone else, add your stuff in Smiley Happy

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Re: Pros and Cons of Ratchet & Jak in PSASBR

Nov 18, 2012

Why is this thread being repeated?

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Re: Pros and Cons of Ratchet & Jak in PSASBR

Nov 18, 2012

wasnt this thread made like a week ago? same pros & cons too

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Re: Pros and Cons of Ratchet & Jak in PSASBR

Nov 18, 2012

Oh oops I didnt know that I did. I already posted it to gamefaqs and the arena... Well nevrmind then. If I did post it here then I didnt see the responses to it.

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