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Re: Prepare yourselves.

Aug 17, 2012

SlashZaku wrote:

DivinePaladin27 wrote:
No, I'm wondering just as much as you where everything's going! It'd be nice to have a mod here to explain things, but that isn't gonna happen.

[INFO] Forum Navigation Changes:


Hey there PlayStation Community!


You may have noticed that some forum sections have moved and are not where you expect them to be. Do not fear! Everything is still here.


We are currently in the process of shifting and consolidating forum sections in order to make navigation easier for everyone. We expect to be finished by the night of August 17th 2012. Thanks everyone, and we appreciate your patience while we continue to improve the forums!


Please feel free to share your thoughts on this change below. Thanks!






Some side effect seems to be the dropping of stickied threads.  Might have to shoot a Mod another PM about the issue.

You are my only hope. If your name happens to be Obi one then yay for a starwars reference. But seriously, if we can return the stickied threads we have + 1 or 2 more. We'd be back to a nice balance. I sincerely hope the female thread I created returns. It's sad to see it being used from time to time just to have it replaced by someone else who has the urge to ask for a female, which in  turn only a few people will reply to.


You understand, it's you after all Smiley Happy

New site for PSABR ->

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