Nov 23 2012
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Preorder Crossbuy /Crosssave / Costumes manual (German/Europe)

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Well i got my copy of PSASBR on thursday yesterday.


Its a small guide that help some ppl perhaps! If you dont need help, just dont read it^^

I am not sure, how things are diffrent in maybe the usa. . , but hey. Smiley Very Happy



I bought it for the PS3 to get the vita version too. I preorderd it at amazon.


Crossbuy: Insert the Disc in ur playstation 3. Chose the CD benefits from the menu. It should be under *Play PSASBR*


There you can activate ur Vita version of the game. BUT ONLY FOR THIS ACCOUNT UR Currently on.

So mean you are on ur account ABC, it only works if ur Playstation Vita is also connected to ur Account ABC.


Than you come to the Playstore, where you can download the vita version, and the netkeypass. Actually you can stop downloading it, becouse it should be now aviable via Vita in the store, couse its *bought now*


Meanwhile insert the online pass code on ur vita, and install it. The vita should be ready now, and you can play online.


So, now go back to ur playstation 3. Normally there you need to install the online pass key also. It schould be on ur playstation 3 already. If not, you can go to the Store and go to the , *Download history*. There should be the online pass  listed. Now you can download it too for the ps3 and than simply install it.


Preorder Costumes.


I did the same with the Preorder costumes code. ( I got it from amazon via e-mail after the game released) (On this firday.)


Type the code in ur vita Store. Download it and install it. Finished.


Than go to the Ps3 store, look on the download history, and download it again for the ps3. . . and install it.


(Remember: when both consoles are on the same account, they simply share the same download history and so the things are easier to find.)


Cross Save:  You simply need to get both consoles to the internet. While both are online. They change automatic gamesaves.

Note: It only works if you installed the netkey to both consoles, and are connected to the internet via the game.

(Simply doing that by clicking on Tournament and chose a game option, and they should connect or trying to invite a friend. )



Well its a pretty basic manual, but i did it this way, and everything is working fine. I have the onlinepass and the preorder bonuses on both consoles.


If you got questions, ask, if you have additions to it, say. Hope i can help some ppl with that.



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Re: Preorder Crossbuy /Crosssave / Costumes manual (German/Europe)

Nov 23, 2012
I used my pre-order code on my PS3 first and it won't allow download on the Vita
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