Nov 16 2012
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Prana Devil/Scaler Rivalry Cutscene

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Prana Devil crawls around, getting ready to law an egg...he lays it then walks off a distance before lying down and resting...a giant blue ball creature then is shown rolling, it running over the egg and crushing bounces and transforms into Scaler, who lands..."Whoa what was that?" he looks at the crunched up egg. "Did someone order any scrambled eggs? haha" he stops laughing and sees Prana Devil staring at him with rage in his eyes. "Whoa were these your eggs? sorry ma'am" Prana Devil lets out a roar. "wait, you don't seem to be a girl...You are a guy who lays eggs? DUDE THAT'S NASTY!" Prana Devil then pounces at Scaler, who transforms into his Doozum (flying form) and flies out of the way, then he transforms back into Scaler and then into his ball form from before and makes spikes protrude out of it, slamming down...Prana Devil dodging at the last second...Scaler transforms back into Scaler and stares at Prana Devil who stares back. "So ya wanna fight huh ugly? well then lets fight!" battle begins.

My Scaler (Obscure/Unique) Moveset!: Gimme Feedback on it?
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