Jan 09 2013
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Possible reason for crash's absence (doubt it though)

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Apparently this is a possible reason for crash's absence


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fans have been asking for SuperBot to put the infamous Crash Bandicoot in their game. Omar Kendall had mentioned they were in negotiations, however we haven't heard much about it since.


What looks to be a redesign of Crash has been spotted on Vicarious Visions' Facebook page, and this could be the possible reason for the absence of Crash in PlayStation All-Stars.


The SuperBot Twitter had also mentioned that we would have more information on Crash making an appearance in the game, but unfortunately the conversation has since been deleted (you can see it here).


Now are some comments



Oroku_saki- We got the Dante and Raiden redesigns in PSASBR before their respective redesigned games are even out.

Just saying.

The redesign reasoning doesn't hold to me.


 @Oroku_Saki i thought the same thing but then again the people have become used to those 2 redesigns. apparently not so much for Dante but its been made public for a long time now where this Crash Bandicoot redesign seems to be new to everyone so maybe forcing people to get used to it so soon via PSASBR could be bad for business.


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