Nov 13 2012
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Played a new build for the playstation varsity challenge

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So, I got a chance to try a newer build and I definitely enjoyed it. Besides the initial six they also had drake, big daddy, toro, and heihachi. I know who my two new mains will be: toro and heihachi Smiley Happy. Anyways it seems that Kratos has being toned down. His front square has been slowed and although it still is homing it doesn't get the huge ap boost it once did. His ap gain I would say is about 1/3 of what it once was. 5 levels total. The 2 beta ones and also the previous one from jak and daxter, also the dojo and the last one escapes me. There are ai combatants but they seem to be on maybe a medium setting. Can't say for sure. Well anyways the game is even better than I remember and I can't wait for the 20th. See you all on the battlefield Smiley Tongue.
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