Mar 19 2013
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Patch Error Download Bug

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So I think a few other people have this, but I'd like to speak about a particular bug that occurs each and every single time I have to update Playstation All-Stars.


When I'm downloading on my fast net, there's a high possibility that the update (or any file really) I'm currently downloading, will corrupt. Sadly I won't know that it has corrupted until it gets to the Install Screen, and then cancels at exactly 14%.


Here's the problem.


Every time this bug occurs, and the update fails to install due to a corruption, ALL OF MY DLC GETS DELETED. And considering I own all the DLC, from Zeus/Isaac all the way to the preorder costumes, this can get very, very annoying to have to constantly redownload stuff, especially since everything is downloaded individually, including the Minion packs that have around 15 different individual sets in them.


I know a lot of people don't have this error, but I know I do, and it's a pretty disgusting, painful error that I have to sit through. Updates like this can usually take around an hour to download, and when it corrupts, not only do I know I have to sit through the same hour 'again' (Mind, with the added potential of also corrupting, meaning repeat ad nauseum), but right after, if it can somehow download without corrupting, this means I'm going to have to sit down and re-download nearly 50 pieces of DLC, one by one.

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Re: Patch Error Download Bug

Mar 19, 2013
Never gotten it, but I second the notion of one solid download for minion packs.
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